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Heaven's Chat Line

Email us your prayer needs, with your name and phone number and we will bring it before our church body and one of us will contact you. These requests will be brought before the Lord's throne on a daily basis.







We are helping them get back on their feet, learn a new trade if necessary, find a job, gather dignity again. 





Extended Care



 For those needing more than temporary help and training , click here for our application packet available for printing purposes.


American Indians


We teach the American Indians the words of their own language and where they came from. The stories of the Grandfathers spoke of a great Spirit, great Chief, bow and arrows, Nations, Tribes, Red Man (ruddy). Helping them to understand their connections tie all the way back to one of the three sons of Noah (Shem). When the earth was divided, Gen 10:25. All these things are in the Holy Scriptures. 

Did you ever wonder where the Grandfathers got those words from? 
(much more info available upon request). 






2 1/2 acre garden, this coming spring we hope to put down trenches about 6 ft apart. We will fill the trenches with special mulch, we'll lay a watering tube on top of that mulch. Then clear plastic over the whole mound the entire distance of the row and we'll cut slices in where we want to insert plants that have been grown in the greenhouse this winter. This process has been proven at an number of universities for organic gardening where you can control the weeds and add water and minerals at the root level and then you simply mow between the rows. We trust this process will provide all the vegetables we need here at the Mission and for other Veterans and Christian families. 






We have 3 horses and a mule which provide a lot of quiet therapy and just fooling around with them. We enjoy horse back riding and they help us keep the grass under control here. We hope our mare will produce a colt come spring. 





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