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Part 1 Meat composition and additives: The protein and fat content of meat; The biochemistry of meat; The tenderness of fresh meat; Definitions of terms used in meat science and technology and meat conductivity; Additives: Phosphates, salt-sodium chloride, hydrocolloids, salts of organic acids and lactate; Additives: Proteins, carbohydrates, fillers and other additives; Colour in fresh meat and cured meat products. Part 3 Quality and safety issues: Sensory evaluation of meat products; HACCP in meat processing companies; Introduction to the microbiology of meat and meat products; The microbiology of specific bacteria; Predictive microbiology for meat products.

Food Technology-II

D Sharma. Hope this book will benefited you. Share with your Vet Friends and Family. For any query knock us. Stay tuned. Thank You. Happy Learning!

DOI: Recommend this Book to your Library. Dry Fermentation Technology. Meat Emulsion Technology. Meat Curing and Preservation Methods. Marinating and Meat Restructuring Technology. Non-emulsified Sausage Processing Technology.


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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The need for a book on meat technology in the Indian context was being felt since a long time. It became all the more necessary with the introduction of meat technology in the syllabus for veterinary graduates. More than half of the veterinary students hail from vegetarian families and they have very little exposure to meat as such. This book deals with the science of meat and meat products in a systematic, clear, concise form but yet in a comprehensive manner. The basic and emerging concepts in fresh meat technology, processed meat technology and quality control systems have been incorporated in right earnest. Due importance has been given to the poultry products technology in order to have an integrated approach in a single volume.

This contribution would have been much greater had the animal by-products been also efficiently utilized. Efficient utilization of by-products has direct impact on the economy and environmental pollution of the country. Non-utilization or under utilization of by-products not only lead to loss of potential revenues but also lead to the added and increasing cost of disposal of these products. Non-utilization of animal by-products in a proper way may create major aesthetic and catastrophic health problems. Besides pollution and hazard aspects, in many cases meat, poultry and fish processing wastes have a potential for recycling raw materials or for conversion into useful products of higher value. Traditions, culture and religion are often important when a meat by-product is being utilized for food. Regulatory requirements are also important because many countries restrict the use of meat by-products for reasons of food safety and quality.

protein-based substitutes (44). New Technologies for Fat Reduction in Meat Products. Surimi-Like.


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Meat Product Technology

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Food Technology-II


An adequate retort treatment enables extended shelf life and nutrient retention on meat products. Nonetheless, heat can cause loss of physico-chemical and sensorial properties according to processing and storage. Alternatively, high hydrostatic pressure is a non-thermal technology that reduces microbial loads, and has been increasing its global value market in food processing, including the meat sector. This review aims to ponder the commonly heat processing and the new technology of high hydrostatic pressure, where both has pros and cons outcomes in processed meat products. Real time optimization for quality control of batch thermal sterilization of prepackaged foods. Food Control, v. Study of the effect of high hydrostatic pressure in the decrease of listeria monocytogenes in pasteurized mixed cheese.

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