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Looking to test your wilderness survival knowledge? Try these quizzes on Wilderness and Winter Survival.

Covid Updates. Take the Free Quiz! By Connor O'Malley. These questions cover a wide variety of wilderness survival skills, including knowledge of making shelter and fire, finding survival food, recognizing hazards and addressing first-aid situations. Going through a wilderness survival quiz like this can help you learn new information as well as refresh your memory of survival essentials.

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Whether you're lost in the wilderness, trapped after an earthquake or injured by a deadly creature, it's important to know how to survive. Take this quiz and test your basic survival skills! Mind you, I know that each individual plant has its own September 10th, If you were up against pure evil in a horror movie, do you think you would survive? Prop hunt chromebook.

Quiz: Would You Survive?

Halfway into a weeklong hike in Glacier National Park, you and your buddy have lost the trail. A Shortcut cross-country back toward the path, to avoid wasting daylight. B Retrace your steps to your last known landmark. C Stop, pitch your tent, and start signaling for help. D Climb to the top of the highest nearby peak to get a better view. You have a cell phone and five bars.

Quiz: The Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz: HowStuffWorks

The best wilderness survival gear on the market! Backyard campers and Rambo wannabe's When you get serious about your wilderness activities Hikers, mountain bikers, cross country skiers, ATV'ers, off-roaders, and others whose activities carry them far and wide

The Red Planet. Extreme cold. And, at least for now, no Starbucks. Could you handle the challenges and the loneliness when help is millions of miles away?

The human body needs a minimum of 2 quarts 1. One day without water is cause for serious concern, and three days without water will lead to almost certain death. Although most insects are edible, a good rule of thumb is to steer clear of brightly colored ones as well as those that are hairy or pungent. Staying near a source of water is a good idea when building a shelter.

What’s Your Wilderness Survival IQ?

Our site has been mentioned in: U. Hello, my name is Sergeant Safari, you can call me Sergeant Safari, and this is my quiz.

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Quiz! Test Your Survival Skills

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Survival Quiz for Kids

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