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This unit supports students to develop procedural fluency with multiplication and division of integers and have conceptual understanding of how integers are used in the real world. Integers are an extension of the whole number system. Therefore, the properties of integers under the four operations should be the same as those for whole numbers.

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multiplying and dividing integers coloring activity

Welcome to the integers worksheets page at Math-Drills. This page includes Integers worksheets for comparing and ordering integers, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers and order of operations with integers. If you've ever spent time in Canada in January, you've most likely experienced a negative integer first hand. Banks like you to keep negative balances in your accounts, so they can charge you loads of interest. Deep sea divers spend all sorts of time in negative integer territory. There are many reasons why a knowledge of integers is helpful even if you are not going to pursue an accounting or deep sea diving career. One hugely important reason is that there are many high school mathematics topics that will rely on a strong knowledge of integers and the rules associated with them.

Sometimes, it feels like they get it wrong every time hooray for consistency, I guess?! We use a couple of different strategies at my school, and we try to work with our 7th graders until they get it. Lucky for us, we have many opportunities to teach this and then reinforce it throughout the year. That window of needing this kind of scaffolding is different for every student. But in the end, students just need a lot of practice, so most of the activities below focus on providing them opportunities to practice multiplying and dividing integers. Free Printable Game. Sorting Pocket.

multiplying and dividing integers coloring activity

This page contains printable worksheets which emphasize integer multiplication and division to 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students. Practice pages here contain exercises on multiplication squares, in-out boxes, evaluating expressions, filling in missing integers, and more. Procure some of these worksheets for free! Multiply the integers to find the product. A total of 48 problems are given in these integer worksheets for practice.

Integers Pdf. Using integers, write an expression that shows the meaning of these words. After these plays, Lin recorded 14, —7, and 9. Order and compare integers on a number line. Three different problems are included in the foldable: consecutive integers, consecutive even integers, and consecutive odd integers. An integer p is called prime if it has exactly two divisors: 1 and itself. Word Doc PDF.

After five minutes, we will review the answers to the Do-Now as a whole group. I will ask students to talk out the methods that they used to solve to each question. As students are working, I will pass back the graded Exit Cards from our last class. I expect that all of my students need a refresher with respect to today's content, so I will not pull a separate group of students to complete an alternate activity, as I did in yesterday's lesson. Students will first complete the tables on the top of their notes to discover the relationship between the signs of numbers and their products. Next, students will complete the puzzle on the top of page two using their knowledge of order of operations and properties of integers. Students may work individually or in pairs during this section of the lesson.

MULTIPLYING & DIVIDING INTEGERS. Multiply or divide as indicated. 1.)8(6. -. 2.)9(5. 3.)9. 63 -÷. -. 4. 9. 36 ÷. -. 5.)6( -. 6.)9)(4. 7.)3)(1)(3)(5. 8.

Integers Pdf

TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink. Cool approach. My Algebra 1 students just finished up their first unit on Thursday. As I'm getting to know my students, I have made some adjustments.

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