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Organs of the African Union

Lagos, Berean Club Pub. Previously updated in August By the end of the s, much of Africa was liberated from colonialism with the exception of the racist regimes in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Committee attempted to forward a proposal for new rules and institutions that would make the Charter more effective. New developments on the continent and worldwide, such as the total liberation of African States from colonialism, the end of apartheid in South Africa, the challenges of massive human rights violations inside independent African States and intra-state and inter-state conflicts and the end of the cold war made the transformation of the OAU a necessity.

Structure and Organs of the African Union The Assembly, Executive Council and Commission

The Assembly of African Union. It meets once in a year in ordinary session, and it can meet in extraordinary session at the request of any member state that has to be approved by a two-third majority of the member states. The Assembly shall be chaired by a Head of State or Government from among the member states who is elected based on consultations among the member states. The chairman shall remain in the position for a period of one year. Powers and Functions of the Assembly.

On 9 September , the Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity issued the Sirte Declaration, calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, inter alia, toward accelerating the process of unity among countries of the continent, enabling it to better participate in the global economy and to better address social, economic and political problems. Since , three summits have been held to facilitate the implementation of the African Union AU. The Lusaka Summit drew the road map for the implementation of the AU. In structure, the OAU began as one entity, whereas the AU, integrating itself with the African Economic Community and building other structures, consists of: the Assembly determines common policies ; the Executive Council coordinates and makes decisions on common policies ; the Pan-African Parliament implements policies ; the Court of Justice ensures compliance with the law ; the Commission the secretariat ; the Permanent Representatives Committee assists the Executive Council ; the Specialized Technical Committees assist the Executive Council in substantive matters ; the Economic, Social and Cultural Council; the Peace and Security Council makes decisions on prevention, management and resolution of conflicts ; and the Financial Institutions consisting of the African Central Bank, the African Monetary Fund, and the African Investment Bank. The AU mandated the Council of Ministers to take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of decisions and, in particular, to prepare the constitutive legal text of the Union, taking into account the Charter of the OAU and the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community. Under the Constitutive Act of the OAU, Article 9 mandates that the Assembly composed of OAU Heads of States and Governments, as the supreme organ of the union, with the power to monitor the implementation of policies and decisions of the union as well to ensure compliance by all Member States. The non-implementation of regulations and directives from the assembly shall attract appropriate sanctions.

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Judicial and Human Rights Institutions. L'Assemblée de l'Union. Legal Organs. The Commission. The Economic, Social & Cultural Council. The Financial Institutions. The Pan-African Parliament. The Peace & Security Council.

Structure and Organs of the African Union The Assembly, Executive Council and Commission

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Organs of the African Union

Organs of the African Union

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Organs of the African Union
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