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Prapatti Online is a humble initiative to present stotra malas adorned with pearls of bhakti , brought to the surface of the ocean of Sri Vaishnavism, by our azhwars and acharyas. Welcome to Prapatti Online! Aug 10 H.

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The Hindu Goddess Durga is a unified symbol of all divine forces and is said to have manifested when evil forces threatened the very existence of the Gods. Goddess Durga, hence, rose to power and killed the dangerous demon Mahish and all his great commanders. The Demonic forces are self-destructive but very powerful while the Divine forces are constructive but slow and efficient. When the Demonic forces create imbalance, all the Gods unite to one Divine force called Shakti or Durga or Mahishasurmardini, to abolish all evil. The consort of Lord Shiva is depicted as having eight or ten hands. These represent eight quadrants or ten directions in Hinduism.

This article consists of 10 questions and answers on the Vedic literature with an explanation which will increase your knowledge and also help in the preparation of competitive examinations. Which of the following Vedic literature where the Varna system was discussed? Hence, A is the correct option. Which of the following Vedic literature contains Gayatri Mantra? Explanation: Rishi who were experts in Rigveda were called hotra or hotri. Udgatri was the experts of Samaveda. Adhvaryu was the experts of the knowledge of Yajurveda.

One of the Vedic metres is called anushtubha. It has 32 syllables with particular accents. It is the literary ancestor of the shloka which also has 32 syllables but no particular rhyme or accent. A reason for the name shloka is that Maharshi Valmiki who wrote the Ramayana once observed a pair of birds singing to each other in a tree. A hunter came by and shot the male.

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This App comes with a complete collection of Mantras and Slokas in Telugu recited during wedding. These Vivaha Mantras are essential for the new couple to begin their married life with health, wealth, peace and prosperity. The primary objective of Homams performed during a wedding is to unite a couple based on the ancient Vedic scriptures. Wedding Mantras and Slokas 1. Description Details Versions. Publisher Description This App comes with a complete collection of Mantras and Slokas in Telugu recited during wedding.

Slokas have a positive effect on us. They help relieve stress, restlessness and anxiety. You may make your children recite some relevant slokas during exams time, competition or even on a normal day to help them focus on their activities and feel refreshed. If you make them learn the slokas and recite them everyday right from their childhood, it becomes a healthy habit and is beneficial even after they grow up. In this post, MomJunction shares 17 of the most relevant Sanskrit slokas for kids to learn and benefit from them. These slokas are not only easy to chant and learn but also have a profound meaning to them. They teach us an essential life lesson.

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Download Mantra Pushpam song on and listen Vishnu. Duration: min. Air is nothing but pulsation of Space. It also contains text from Arunam and Maha souram.

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