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What is Development Finance?

The database has thousands of resources catalogued by dozens of categories. Most resources in the database are available to CDFA members only. Non-members are encouraged to join CDFA today to gain access to the entire database. Looking for very targeted development finance resources? CDFA's Federal Financing Clearinghouse is the only online resource cataloging the development finance programs offered by the federal government. The clearinghouse includes overviews of over federal financing programs available to both public and private sector users and is an exclusive CDFA member resource.

Development finance is multifaceted, but empathy is a rarely discussed characteristic of the relationship between providers and clients. That is probably due to our preference as development specialists to focus on tangible financial investment—resource transfer—rather than the intangible emotional investment in a relationship. So, what does an empathetic relationship in development finance look like and why is it so important to maximising development impact? The role of development finance is to shift the production and policy frontiers forward from business as usual. A project or policy officer at a development finance institution DFI is essentially arguing the case for why a client should do something differently, outside of their range of experience, in order to create a wider societal benefit. A couple of illustrative examples: at the level of a project client, this might mean adopting new technology that will improve a production process and bring wider environmental benefits; at the level of a government, it could mean the adoption of a policy reform that will reduce barriers to entry for new investors and so provide a competitive challenge to existing firms.

Robust and predictable sources of financing for sustainable development

SDG target SDG indicator Target Indicator Many countries lack the capacity to mobilise sufficient funds under the right conditions to support programmes and implement reforms towards sustainable development. In addition, even at an aggregate level, there can be considerable fluctuation in resource flows from one year to the next United Nations, These economic flows can also have a vastly different impact on short and long-term sustained development depending on their source, type and volume.

Leadership in Global Development. Development finance can be broadly defined as the use of public sector resources to facilitate private sector investment in low- and middle-income countries where the commercial or political risks are too high to attract purely private capital, and where the investment is expected to have a positive developmental impact on the host country. Development finance institutions use direct loans, loan guarantees, equity investments, and a variety of other products to support and enable these investments—and to mitigate political and commercial risk. Mosbacher, Jr. In recent years, development finance has emerged as an increasingly important tool to fight global poverty and reduce income inequality. Whereas the Millennium Development Goals MDGs were focused on increasing donor assistance to developing countries, the SDGs include a comprehensive set of objectives for every country and emphasize all forms of finance, particularly from the private sector. Agenda recognizes that the private sector is not only a source of capital, but also a source of jobs, innovation, technology, knowledge, and practical experience.

New technologies offer enormous possibilities for change. Technological change affects all aspects of social and political life. Through social protections and investments in education, people can feel that they have the possibility to be a part of this change and benefit from it. DFIs and development corporations have a key role to play in facilitating this. However, the 4IR can quickly turn into a missed opportunity if nations fail to make the necessary investments in critical infrastructure and good governance frameworks. Technology can institutionalize discrimination and inequality in developing countries that have underdeveloped markets and private sectors.

Development finance: Filling today’s funding gap

Development finance is often granted to experienced builders and developers so that they can raise the capital to turn their building ideas into a commercial reality. Specialist development finance lenders will take the future value of the property into consideration when agreeing a loan. Want access to the most comprehensive list of development finance lenders? Unlike a traditional mortgage lender that will consider the value of the property, a development finance lender will take the value of the completed property into account. It is often used by builders and developers planning extensive projects and ground-up developments.

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How does development finance work?

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