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Cloud Computing is continuously evolving and showing consistent growth in the field of computing. It is getting popularity by providing different computing services as cloud storage, cloud hosting, and cloud servers etc.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Many companies, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and so on, accelerate their paces in developing Cloud Computing systems and enhancing their services to provide for a larger amount of users. However, security and privacy issues present a strong barrier for users to adapt into Cloud Computing systems.

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Cloud computing is a rapidly maturing technology that has given rise to a lot of recent innovations. As a delivery model for IT services, its capacity to stimulate growth by providing ready-made environments for various forms of development is unparalleled. Its very nature however makes it open to a variety of security issues that can affect both the providers and consumers of these cloud services. These issues are primarily related to the safety of the data flowing through and being stored in the cloud, with sample issues including data availability, data access and data privacy. Industry has hence developed various procedures such as data encryption and service authentication schemes to deal with them. This paper explores and examines various such security issues along with the various methods used in industry to ameliorate their possible detrimental effects. This paper seeks to identify and explore important security issues and challenges facing cloud computing, a now fairly mature technology, along with the methods employed in industry to combat these problems.

Shyam Nandan Kumar 1 , , Amit Vajpayee 2. Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is still unclear to many security problems. The security problem becomes amplified under the cloud model as new dimensions enter into the problem scope related to the architecture, multi-tenancy, layer dependency, and elasticity. This survey paper introduces a detailed analysis of the cloud security problem. In this paper various existing approaches related to data encryption and message authentications are discussed. After study the existing approaches, issues and challenges are point out during data processing over the cloud.

Rohit Bhadauria and Sugata Sanyal. International Journal of Computer Applications 47 18 , June Full text available. Cloud Computing holds the potential to eliminate the requirements for setting up of high-cost computing infrastructure for IT-based solutions and services that the industry uses. It promises to provide a flexible IT architecture, accessible through internet from lightweight portable devices. This would allow multi-fold increase in the capacity and capabilities of the existing and new software.

Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing: A Survey

While cloud computing is gaining popularity, diverse security and privacy issues are emerging that hinder the rapid adoption of this new computing paradigm. And the development of defensive solutions is lagging behind. To ensure a secure and trustworthy cloud environment it is essential to identify the limitations of existing solutions and envision directions for future research. In this paper, we have surveyed critical security and privacy challenges in cloud computing, categorized diverse existing solutions, compared their strengths and limitations, and envisioned future research directions. Cloud computing ; Security ; Privacy ; Survey. Download PDF.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Gholami and E. Gholami , E. Cloud computing is revolutionizing many ecosystems by providing organizations with computing resources featuring easy deployment, connectivity, configuration, automation and scalability. This paradigm shift raises a broad range of security and privacy issues that must be taken into consideration.

Siemens Cloud Solutions: Your Way, For Large Enterprises, Small and Mid-Market Businesses.

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Security and Privacy of Sensitive Data in Cloud Computing: A Survey of Recent Developments

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