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NET developer job may be a good fit. NET Framework but also know effective coding and software development practices. NET developer position may test your technical knowledge of the. NET Framework. NET interview questions and answers that can help you land the position.

Top 20+ .NET Interview Questions and Answers

This is a curated list of most frequently asked. NET interview question and answer that an interviewer might ask during the interview. In this list of ASP. NET interview question with detailed answers to help you clear the job interview easily. We have covered 50 most important. NET interview questions for fresher candidates as well as. NET interview questions for experienced developers to help them prepare for the interview. This detailed guide will help you to crack your Job interview for ASP.

What is ASP. Currently there is ASP. NET 4. There are various page extensions provided by Microsoft that are being used for web site development. Eg: aspx, asmx, ascx, ashx, cs, vb , html, XML etc. What's the use of Response. We can write formatted output using Response. In which event of page cycle is the ViewState available? What is the difference between Server. Transfer and Response. In Server. Transfer page processing transfers from one page to the other page without making a round-trip back to the client's browser.

This provides a faster response with a little less overhead on the server. The clients url history list or current url Server does not update in case of Server. Redirect is used to redirect the user's browser to another page or site. It performs trip back to the client where the client's browser is redirected to the new page. The user's browser history list is updated to reflect the new address.

From which base class all Web Forms are inherited? Page class. What are the different validators in ASP. Which validator control you use if you need to make sure the values in two different controls matched? Compare Validator control. What is ViewState? ViewState is used to retain the state of server-side objects between page post backs. Where the viewstate is stored after the page postback? ViewState is stored in a hidden field on the page at client side. ViewState is transported to the client and back to the server, and is not stored on the server or any other external source.

How long the items in ViewState exists? They exist for the life of the current page. What are the different Session state management options available in ASP. In-Process Out-of-Process. In-Process stores the session in memory on the web server. Out-of-Process Session state management stores data in an external server. All objects stored in session are required to be serializable for Out-of-Process state management.

How you can add an event handler? Using the Attributes property of server side control. Add "onMouseOver","JavascriptCode ;" What is caching? Caching is a technique used to increase performance by keeping frequently accessed data or files in memory. What are the different types of caching? Which type if caching will be used if we want to cache the portion of a page instead of whole page?

Fragment Caching: It caches the portion of the page generated by the request. List the events in page life cycle. Can we have a web application running without web. Config file? Yes Is it possible to create web application with both webforms and mvc? We have to include below mvc assembly references in the web forms application to create hybrid application. Mvc System. Razor System. DataAnnotations What is Protected Configuration? It is a feature used to secure connection string information.

Write code to send e-mail from an ASP. NET application? You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mail namespace. How can we prevent browser from caching an ASPX page? SetNoStore ; Response. Write DateTime.

ToLongTimeString ; What is the good practice to implement validations in aspx page? Client-side validation is the best way to validate data of a web page. It reduces the network traffic and saves server resources. What are the event handlers that we can have in Global.

Which protocol is used to call a Web service? HTTP Protocol Can we have multiple web config files for an asp. What is the difference between web config and machine config? Web config file is specific to a web application where as machine config is specific to a machine or server. There can be multiple web config files into an application where as we can have only one machine config file on a server.

Explain role based security? Role Based Security used to implement security based on roles assigned to user groups in the organization.

Then we can allow or deny users based on their role in the organization. Windows defines several built-in groups, including Administrators, Users, and Guests. What is Cross Page Posting? When we click submit button on a web page, the page post the data to the same page. The technique in which we post the data to different pages is called Cross Page posting. Findcontrol method of PreviousPage can be used to get the posted values on the page to which the page has been posted.

How can we apply Themes to an asp. We can specify the theme in web. Once the redirection is done, it also returns Moved Permanently responses. What is MVC? MVC is a framework used to create web applications. The web application base builds on Model-View-Controller pattern which separates the application logic from UI, and the input and events from the user will be controlled by the Controller.

Explain the working of passport authentication. First of all it checks passport authentication cookie. If the cookie is not available then the application redirects the user to Passport Sign on page. Passport service authenticates the user details on sign on page and if valid then stores the authenticated cookie on client machine and then redirect the user to requested page What are the advantages of Passport authentication?

All the websites can be accessed using single login credentials.

.NET Framework Interview Question and Answer

In this article, we will go through the important. Question 1. What is the. NET Framework? Answer: The. NET is a Framework, which is a collection of classes of reusable libraries given by Microsoft to be used in other. What is CLR?

1. What is It is a framework developed by Microsoft on which we can develop new generation web sites using web forms(aspx), MVC.

6 .NET Interview Questions for Software Developers (With Example Answers)

We can look at the class as a template of the object: it describes all the properties, methods, states and behaviors that the implementing object will have. As mentioned, an object is an instance of a class, and a class does not become an object until it is instantiated. There can be more instances of objects based on the one class, each with different properties. Managed code is a code created by the. NET compiler.

In this section you can learn and practice interview questions based on "". NET -. IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved ". NET Framework" interview questions and answers with Explanation. All students, freshers can download ".

What is the managed and unmanaged code in. Answer: The. NET Framework provides a run-time environment called the Common Language Runtime, which manages the execution of code and provides.

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.NET Framework - .NET Interview Questions and Answers

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.NET CLR Interview Questions and Answers