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Worked out problems on ratio and proportion are explained here in detailed description using step-by-step procedure.

The difference in their ages is What is the ratio of the age of Ravi to the age of Chinna? The present age of his son is 6 years.

Worked out Problems on Ratio and Proportion

December 3rd, by. Applying componendo and dividendo. Solution: Let the number of chocolates be 5x and the number of ice-cream cones be 8x. Let x and y be two numbers How much water must be added to this mixture to make the ratio of milk to water as 3 : 1? Find the original price of the first house.

In the ratio a:b, we call a as the first term or antecedent and b, the second term or consequent. Rule: The multiplication or division of each term of a ratio by the same non-zero number does not affect the ratio. Here a and d are called extremes, while b and c are called mean terms. A bag contains 50 P, 25 P and 10 P coins in the ratio 5: 9: 4, amounting to Rs. Find the number of coins of each type respectively. The ratio of the two numbers is:. Let the third number be x.

GRE Math : Proportion / Ratio / Rate

This can be represented by the following equation:. Flour, eggs, sugar, and chocolate chips are mixed by weight in the ratio of 12 : 5 : 3 : 5, respectively. How many pounds of chocolate chips are there in 75 pounds of the mixture? First, add up the four parts of the ratio. This equals 25 parts.

In a team, there are members males and females. Two-thirds of them are males. Fifteen per cent of males are graduates. Remaining males are non-graduates. Three-fourths of the females are graduates.

200+ Ratio & Proportion Questions With Solution Free PDF Download

AllIndiaExams provides you lots of fully solved Aptitude Ratio and Proportion questions and answers with explanation. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description. Here you can find both objective type and Multiple Choice Aptitude Ratio and Proportion questions and answers for interview and entrance examination.

Practice the multiple choice questions on ratio and proportion. The questions are related to the basic properties of ratio and proportion. Two numbers are in the ratio 7 : 9.

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Ratio and Proportion - Aptitude Questions and Answers

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