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Bills receivable book is used to record the bills received from debtors. When a bill is received, details of it are recorded in the bills receivable book.

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When an individual or an organization makes a credit purchase of any goods or avails service. Generally, in a transaction of sale and purchase of goods, during the credit term, seller of goods need money. So, it will draw a bill to purchaser of goods. Purchaser of goods will accept the bill and returns to seller of goods. The books of accounts are prepared following double entry accounting system.

Bills Receivable and Bills Payable Books:

A bill of exchange can be either bills receivable or bills payable. When a drawee accepts a bill and sends it back to the drawer, it becomes a bills receivable to the drawer as money is receivable on the bill. Therefore, it becomes an asset to him. On the other hand, it becomes a bills payable to the drawee if money is payable by him on the bill, in which case it is a liability for him. Retain the bill till the date of maturity and collect the money from the drawee. Endorse the bill to his creditor.

Where the number of bills received or bills issued is large, it would lead to saving of time if, instead of journalizing each receipt of bill or issue of bill, we were to maintain suitable registers or books and record the transactions there. Two books would be required—one for bills received and another for bills issued. The rulings for the two books are given below. The book will be totaled monthly. In case of the Bills Receivable Book, the total of the amount column will be posted to the debit of the Bills Receivable Account. The accounts of the parties from whom the bills are received will be credited with the amounts appearing against their names. In case of the Bills Payable Book, the total of the amount column will be posted to the credit of the Bills Payable Account and the accounts of the parties who drew the bills or at whose request the bills were accepted will be debited.

Bills Receivable and Bills Payable Books:

Bills receivable is often used as an alternative term for accounts receivable but more specifically relates to amounts due to a business under bills of exchange. When a business sells goods to a customer they might also draw up a bill of exchange on the customer. By accepting the bill of exchange the customer effectively agrees to pay the amount due on a specified date. The purpose of the bill of exchange is to provide proof of debt in the form of a transferable document which the business can either hold, discount, or negotiate. This process is more fully explained in our bills of exchange tutorial. The amounts owed to the business by the customer are assets referred to as bills receivable or more fully bills of exchange receivable. Short term bills receivable are due within one year from the balance sheet date and classified under current assets in the balance sheet, long term bills receivable have terms exceeding one year and are classified under non-current assets in the balance sheet.

Bills payable are business documents that show the amount owing for goods and services sold on credit. Bills payable can include service invoices, phone bills and utility bills. Small businesses that track their financial accounting using the accrual method have to carefully record their business debts. Businesses track their short-term debts as accounts payable in the general ledger , including the amount owing for their bills payable. Bills payable are the physical bills of sale that request payments by a certain date. These topics will explain what bills payable are and how debts are tracked in the general ledger:.

(b) the amount of assets and liabilities as at the closing date of the accounting period. Therefore Ascertainment of Bills Receivable and Bills payable.

Bills Receivable Book and Bills Payable Book

If you know a thing or two about running a business, chances are you already know what accounts receivables AR and accounts payables AP are. As a business, you will often have to allow your customer to purchase your product or service on credit, rather than collect payments immediately. This allows customers some breathing space to pay you, and also removes transaction costs, and the hassle of collecting payments from customers every time. Accounts receivable is therefore the sum of money your customer owes you for goods or services you delivered to them or that they used, which they have not yet paid for.

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