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When I learned exposure principles, I noticed a lot of books on the topic were very detailed. Well-meant, but for a photography beginner it can be a flood of overwhelming information. Far from being an expert in photography, but understanding with what photography beginners struggle, I want to provide a basic overview which I hope will be understandable and of use for those of you who are figuring exposure principles out, and only want to get in touch with the essentials for the time being.

Switching the camera mode dial from auto to any non-auto mode is a nice start, but to truly be a proficient photographer who must truly understand the exposure triangle, is tough. This exposure triangle is simply the relationship between three elements: aperture , shutter speed, and ISO. These three components work together to create an actual exposure or photograph. It is referred to as the exposure triangle because when you adjust one element, another element MUST change to capture the same exposure. When learning the photography basics and understanding exposure triangle, it is paramount to always remember this cause and effect relationship.

Understanding Exposure Basics

The Exposure Triangle This guide to photographic exposure aims to help you take full control of your camera. I teach them how to take the camera off auto mode and take full control of the settings themselves in order to create the photograph they want. Why let the camera decide these things for you? Do you let your mother choose your clothes? I hope to do the same for the readers of this tutorial. I want you take control of your camera. These are: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

The Exposure Triangle: Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, And ISO

Remember me. Ask any beginner photographer - and plenty of experienced ones, too - what the most difficult aspect of understanding photography is, and I'm willing to be they'll say taking control of exposure. There's the actual elements of exposure themselves - aperture, shutter speed , and ISO - and remembering what each one does and how it impacts your images. And then there's understanding how to manipulate those settings to actually get a well-exposed image. At its core, exposure refers to how your camera's sensor captures an image and how much light is captured in that image. For example, above is a well-exposed image with a good range of light values from dark to medium to light. Conversely, if an image is too dark, it's underexposed.

In photography , shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, also when a camera 's shutter is open when taking a photograph. The camera's shutter speed, the lens's aperture or f-stop , and the scene's luminance together determine the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor the exposure. Exposure value EV is a quantity that accounts for the shutter speed and the f-number. Once the sensitivity to light of the recording surface either film or sensor is set in numbers expressed in " ISOs " ex: ISO, ISO , the light emitted by the scene photographed can be controlled through aperture and shutter-speed to match the film or sensor sensitivity to light. This will achieve a good exposure when all the details of the scene are legible on the photograph. Too much light let into the camera results in an overly pale image or "over-exposure" while too little light will result in an overly dark image or "under-exposure". Multiple combinations of shutter speed and f-number can give the same exposure value E.

How to Easily Understand the Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

Take complete creative control over your images, with the step by step techniques provided below. This video covers my basic technique for using shutter speed to control specific parts of the image. Watch it first to get an overview, then learn to use the shutter speed chart in the following sections.

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When you learn photography , there comes a time when you want to move past the auto mode. Switching to shooting in manual mode can be a daunting experience, though. Combined correctly will give your images perfect exposure in camera.

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Guide to Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO PDF