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Protocol DOI: Many organisms provide excellent models for studying disease states or for exploring the molecular adaptations that allow cells and organisms to cope with or survive different stresses.

Rapid and efficient cDNA library screening by self-ligation of inverse PCR products (SLIP)

Metrics details. Cymbidium faberi is one of the oldest cultivars of oriental orchids, with an elegant flower fragrance. In order to investigate the molecular mechanism and the functions of related proteins in the methyl jasmonate MeJA signaling pathway, one of the main components of flower fragrance in C. Finally, a homologous protein related with pathogenesis was screened out by the bait vector of CfbHLH36, which may participate in the MeJA signaling pathway.

The yeast one- and two-hybrid library of C. Orchidaceae is one of the largest families of monocotyledonous plants. In cultivation, orchids are generally divided into tropical and oriental cultivars. Cymbidium faberi is famous for its soft color and strong flower fragrance. However, the wild populations have significantly deteriorated due to over-exploitation. In order to develop new cultivars of Cymbidium via genetic engineering and preserve the wild resources, it is imperative to elucidate the biosynthetic pathways and molecular mechanisms of its economically important traits.

The yeast one- and two-hybrid systems are commonly used to screen for interactions between target proteins and bait molecules.

The yeast one-hybrid system is generally used to analyze DNA-protein interactions, while the yeast two-hybrid system can be used to analyze protein-protein interactions based on the expression of the reporter genes, and both are widely used in functional genomics studies [ 1 ]. In general, the yeast two-hybrid system requires a high-quality cDNA library. By contrast, there are two ways to construct a yeast one-hybrid library, the protein-centered approach and the DNA-centered approach.

The former method requires a random short DNA sequence insertion library and the protein as the bait. The latter method requires a cDNA library and a cis-element as the bait [ 2 ]. Therefore, the cDNA library of the two-hybrid system can also be extended to yeast one-hybrid screening. Based on the high-throughput screening and stringent screening pressure, many researches have obtained candidate prey proteins by yeast one- and two-hybrid assays, like in wheat [ 3 , 4 ], Arabidopsis [ 5 ], rice [ 6 ], populus [ 7 ], kiwifruit [ 8 ] and so on.

Moreover, increasing numbers of studies focused on improving the screening efficiency, saving time and decreasing the cost required to identify target molecules in yeast one- and two-hybrid system assays [ 9 , 10 ]. Functional genomics based on transcriptomic profiling of the expression of different genes in different flowering stages was used to screen target proteins involved in the flower development of C.

Methyl jasmonate MeJA has been extensively explored as a volatile compound and a signal molecule to interact with other organisms plants, animals and microbes [ 12 , 13 ]. The biosynthetic pathway of MeJA has been elaborated in model plants and its complicated regulation mechanism was continuously investigated [ 14 ]. In this study, we first constructed a cDNA library of C. Additionally, a yeast library was constructed and used for yeast hybrid assay, enabling the easy and fast screening of target proteins via bidirectional screening.

Due to the lack of genomic sequences of C. The longer the fragments, the more convenient it is to detect the exact functions of the integral target proteins. Therefore, we would like to excavate the target interaction proteins and regulation mechanism of CfbHLH36 in C. A candidate protein homologous to a protein involved in pathogenesis was screened out by yeast two-hybrid assay with the constructed yeast library, suggesting that this library is suitable for searching unknown proteins with the bait proteins from C.

Leaves, roots, flower buds, blooming flowers and withered flowers of C. The quality of the total RNA samples is shown in Fig. Total RNA extracted from flowers, leaves and roots of C. M: DL DNA Marker; 1: flowers in the bud stage; 2: flowers in the blooming stage; 3: flowers in the withered stage; 4 and 5: young leaves; 6: roots.

As shown in Fig. The normalization showed that ds cDNAs were uniformly dispersed, without the disproportionate enrichment of specific fragments. The synthesis, purification and normalization of cDNA.

After condensation and purification, the recombinant vectors were electroporated into competent cells of E. The transformed bacteria were diluted for plate counting and the result showed that the bacteria library was 1. The library plasmid was then transformed into S. The counting result showed that the yeast library capacity was 1.

The quantification of the library by sequencing of positive colonies and plate counting. The subsequent screening plates would observe this growth condition. The screening of the constructed yeast library. About 50 blue colonies were grown in stringent QDO plates Fig. The positive colonies were sequenced and blasted in NCBI database. In this study, we constructed a high-quality cDNA library that can be used for both yeast one- and two-hybrid assays, which provides a solid foundation for functional identification of unknown proteins in C.

The final product of gene expression often interacts with other proteins or DNAs to form a complex, resulting complicated regulation of gene expression that enables organisms to survive in different environments.

The high-throughput screening of interactions between target proteins and a bait vector enables the fast and efficient identification of links in the complicated and elegant regulation networks of gene expression found in higher organisms. In order to improve the efficiency of transferring cDNA fragments into multiple destination vectors, several yeast one- and two-hybrid systems have been modified to use Gateway technology, In-Fusion technology and so on [ 17 , 18 , 19 ].

Moreover, in recent studies two cDNA libraries were respectively used as bait library and prey library, followed by mating and screening, enabling the screening of multiple libraries in one pool. The continuous improvement of the construction methods makes the information included in the library more comprehensive and more integral. The crucial elements for the construction of a high-quality yeast library include the purity, integrity and concentration of mRNA, the ligation efficiency, and the transformation efficiency.

The standards used to judge the quality of a yeast library are mainly based on the recombination efficiency, the lengths of inserted fragments, and the library capacity. In this study, the three indexes of the yeast library of C. The yeast two-hybrid library from tobacco leaves infected by Lasiodiplodia theobromae had a size of 1. In order to avoid creating a limited cDNA library due to restricted spatiotemporal expression, in this study the total RNA was extracted from different tissues and different flowering stages, which could enlarge the screening scope, especially for crucial genes related to flower development.

Correspondingly, the quantity of the primary RNA used for reverse transcription should be sufficiently large. This step also required a high quantity and quality of the cDNA. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a good cDNA library in advance. Since a yeast two-hybrid system comprises an expressed cDNA library, it is also compatible with yeast one-hybrid screening. In this study, the cDNA library could be used to construct both yeast one- and two-hybrid systems. The library plasmids could be electroporated into the Y1H yeast competent cells generated from a colony containing a cis-element-based bait plasmid.

The yeast one-hybrid screening was based on the activation of the aureobasidin resistance gene in the pAbAi vector, and positive colonies were selected on plates with a gradient of aureobasidin concentrations [ 26 ]. Consequently, mating could be used to combine the bait and prey constructs in the same diploid yeast cells [ 9 ].

The diploid yeast cells displayed a typical clover-leaf shape under the microscope. In this case, the target proteins could be screened out from one library, and sometimes the screening results of Y1H and Y2H could be mutually confirmed for the same metabolic pathway.

Methyl jasmonate MeJA participates in many processes of plant development, biotic and abiotic responses [ 11 , 27 , 28 ]. As MeJA plays a crucial role in the plant responses to external stimuli [ 29 ], we expected that CfbHLH36 transcription factor may participate in the MeJA-mediated interaction between plants and microbes in C.

But the exact function mechanism remained to be explored in the further research. A universal three-frame yeast library of C. Plantlets of C. They were then transplanted and divided propagated in the greenhouse of Wuhan University of Bioengineering. Herbarium specimens of C.

Q Xu 20,, Fresh samples of C. Total RNAs from different tissues and different stages were mixed together for the subsequent purification. The cultured bacteria were diluted , , , 10, and ,fold and spread on LB agar plates with ampicillin Sigma-Aldrich. The plasmid library was extracted using a plasmid-purification kit Qiagen, Valencia, CA and then used to transform S. A total of 20 randomly selected colonies were picked to amplify the inserted fragments of the library.

The lengths of the inserted fragments were analyzed via agarose gel electrophoresis. Eight out of 19 positive colonies were sequenced at Sangon Biotech Shanghai, China. The sequencing results were blasted in the National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI database to identify their resources and closely related functions in other species.

In order to identify the methyl jasmonate signaling pathway in C. The diameters and colors of colonies were observed and recorded. All of the restriction digestion enzymes were bought from Takara Company Dalian, China.

The cDNA library of Cymbidium faberi in this study can be available to researchers upon reasonable request to the corresponding author. Application of the yeast one-hybrid technique to plant functional genomics studies.

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BMC Biotechnol. Identification of new protein- protein and protein- DNA interactions linked with wood formation in Populustrichocarpa. Tree Physiol.

Genetic library construction and screening

Clone Library Screening The result of any cloning experiment that begins with total DNA from a specific source is a library of clones. Lambda or cosmid libraries are typically used for genomic libraries because you generally can clone an entire gene containing both the coding sequence and regulatory elements on a single clone. One of the key elements required to identify a gene during cloning is a probe. A probe is normally a cloned piece of DNA that contains a portion of the sequence for which you are searching. You typically will make the probe radioactive and add it to a solution. Filters containing immobilized clones are then bathed in the solution. The principal behind this step is that the probe will bind to any clone containing sequences similar to those found on the probe.

The online version of this article has been published under an open access model. Users are entitled to use, reproduce, disseminate, or display the open access version of this article for non-commercial purposes provided that: the original authorship is properly and fully attributed; the Journal and Oxford University Press are attributed as the original place of publication with the correct citation details given; if an article is subsequently reproduced or disseminated not in its entirety but only in part or as a derivative work this must be clearly indicated. For commercial re-use, please contact gro. Expressed Sequence Tag EST sequencing is the method of choice for recovering cDNAs representing many of the transcripts encoded in a eukaryotic genome. However, EST sequencing samples a cDNA library at random, and it recovers transcripts with low expression levels inefficiently. We demonstrate its utility in a screen of libraries used in our Drosophila EST projects for transcription factor genes that were not represented by full-length cDNA clones in our Drosophila Gene Collection.

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The construction of a cDNA library and subsequent screening for genes of using two primers of different lengths, which can be hybridized to form a duplex.

CDNA library

Our promise to you: Guaranteed product quality, expert customer support. A cDNA library is a combination of cloned cDNA fragments constituting some portion of the transcriptome of an organism which are inserted into many host cells. The mRNA is spliced before translation into protein in eukaryotic cells. A cDNA library represents a sampling of the transcribed genes, but a genomic library includes untranscribed regions.

Metrics details. Construction of high quality cDNA libraries from the usually low amounts of eukaryotic mRNA extracted from environmental samples is essential in functional metatranscriptomics for the selection of functional, full-length genes encoding proteins of interest. Many of the inserts in libraries constructed by standard methods are represented by truncated cDNAs due to premature stoppage of reverse transcriptase activity and preferential cloning of short cDNAs.

Environmental Genomics pp Cite as. Many organisms provide excellent models for studying disease states or for exploring the molecular adaptations that allow cells and organisms to cope with or survive different stresses. The construction of a cDNA library and subsequent screening for genes of interest allows researchers to select for genes that are likely to play key roles in the regulation or response to the condition or stress of interest, those that may not be expressed or exist in other systems. Determination of the open reading frame s of novel genes, and extensive analysis of the proteins they encode, can open up new avenues of research and promote intelligent design of downstream projects. Springer Nature is developing a new tool to find and evaluate Protocols.

Constructing and Screening a cDNA Library

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Constructing and Screening a cDNA Library

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