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When will my baby take his first step or say her first word? During their first year, babies start to develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. The normal growth of babies can be broken down into the following areas:.

Publisher: College of the Canyons. Attribution CC BY. The text is excellent for its content and presentation. The only criticism is that neither an index nor a glossary are provided. Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less.

Ages and Stages: How to Monitor Child Development

Publisher: College of the Canyons. Attribution CC BY. The text is excellent for its content and presentation. The only criticism is that neither an index nor a glossary are provided. Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less. The material seems very accurate and current. It is well written. It is very professionally done and is accessible to students.

This text addresses topics that will serve this field in positive ways that should be able to address the needs of students and instructors for the next several years. Complex concepts are delivered accurately and are still accessible for students.

Figures and tables complement the text. Terms are explained and are embedded in the text, not in a glossary. I do think indices and glossaries are helpful tools. Terminology is highlighted with bold fonts to accentuate definitions. Yes the text is consistent in its format. As this is a text on Child Development it consistently addresses each developmental domain and then repeats the sequence for each age group in childhood.

It is very logically presented. Yes this text is definitely divisible. This text addresses development from conception to adolescents. For the community college course that my department wants to use it is very adaptable. Our course ends at middle school age development; our courses are offered on a quarter system.

This text is adaptable for the content and our term time schedule. This text book flows very clearly from Basic principles to Conception. It then divides each stage of development into Physical, Cognitive and Social Emotional development. Those concepts and information are then repeated for each stage of development.

It is very clearly presented. The text appears to be aware of being diverse and inclusive both in its content and its graphics. It discusses culture and represents a variety of family structures representing contemporary society.

It is wonderfully researched. It will serve our students well. It is comprehensive and constructed very well. I have enjoyed getting familiar with this text and am looking forward to using it with my students in this upcoming term. The authors have presented a valuable, well written book that will be an addition to our field. Their scholarly efforts are very apparent. All of this text earns high grades in my evaluation. My only criticism is, as mentioned above, is that there is not a glossary or index provided.

All citations are embedded in the text. The overall comprehensiveness was strong. However, I do think some sections should have been discussed with more depth read more. Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. However, I do think some sections should have been discussed with more depth. Most of the information was accurate.

However, I think more references should have been provided to support some claims made in the text. The material appeared to be relevant. However, it did not provide guidance for teachers in addressing topics of social justice, equality that most children will ask as they try to make sense of their environment. The information was presented use of language that added to its understand-ability. However, I think more discussions and examples would be helpful. The text appeared to be consistent. The purpose and intent of the text was understandable throughout.

The text can easily be divided into smaller reading sections or restructured to meet the needs of the professor. The organization of the text adds to its consistency.

However, some sections can be included in others decreasing the length of the text. While cultural differences are mentioned, more time can be given to helping teachers understand and create a culturally and ethnically focused curriculum.

The textbook provides a comprehensive summary of curriculum planing for preschool age children. This text explores child development from genetics, prenatal development and birth through adolescence. The text does not contain a glossary. However, the Index is clear.

The topics are sequential. The text addresses the domains of physical, Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. The text addresses the domains of physical, cognitive and social emotional development. It is thorough and easy to read. The theories of development are inclusive to give the reader a broader understanding on how the domains of development are intertwined. The content is comprehensive, well - researched and sequential. Each chapter begins with the learning outcomes for the upcoming material and closes with an outline of the topics covered.

Furthermore, a look into the next chapter is discussed. The content is accurate, well - researched and unbiased. An historical context is provided putting content into perspective for the student. It appears to be unbiased. Updated and accurate research is evidenced in the text.

The text is written and organized in such a way that updates can be easily implemented. The author provides theoretical approaches in the psychological domains with examples along with real - life scenarios providing meaningful references invoking understanding by the student. The text is written with clarity and is easily understood. The topics are sequential, comprehensive and and inclusive to all students. This content is presented in a cohesive, engaging, scholarly manner.

The terminology used is appropriate to students studying Developmental Psychology spanning from birth through adolescents. The book's approach to the content is consistent and well organized.

Theoretical contexts are presented throughout the text. The text contains subheadings chunking the reading sections which can be assigned at various points throughout the course. The content flows seamlessly from one idea to the next. Written chronologically and subdividing each age span into the domains of psychology provides clarity without overwhelming the reader. The book begins with an overview of child development.

Next, the text is divided logically into chapters which focus on each developmental age span. The domains of each age span are addressed separately in subsequent chapters. Each chapter outlines the chapter objectives and ends with an outline of the topics covered and share an idea of what is to follow.

Pages load clearly and consistently without distortion of text, charts and tables. Navigating through the pages is met with ease. The text did not present with biases or insensitivity to cultural differences. Photos are inclusive of various cultures. The thoroughness, clarity and comprehensiveness promote an approach to Developmental Psychology that stands alongside the best of texts in this area.

I am confident that this text encompasses all the required elements in this area. This is a highly comprehensive, chronological text that covers genetics and conception through adolescence. All major topics and developmental milestones in each age range are given adequate space and consideration. The authors take care to In addition to being generally useful information for students who are parents, or who may go on to be parents, this text takes care to contextualize the psychological research in the lived experiences of children and their parents.

This is an approach that I find highly valuable. The text includes accurate information that is well-sourced. Relevant debates, controversies and historical context is also provided throughout which results in a rich, balanced text. This text provides an excellent summary of classic and updated developmental work.

Child Growth and Development

Child development stages are the theoretical milestones of child development , some of which are asserted in nativist theories. This article discusses the most widely accepted developmental stages in children. There exists a wide variation in terms of what is considered "normal," caused by variation in genetic, cognitive, physical, family, cultural, nutritional, educational, and environmental factors. Many children reach some or most of these milestones at different times from the norm. Holistic development sees the child in the round, as a whole person - physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually. Learning about child development involves studying patterns of growth and development, from which guidelines for 'normal' development are construed.

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Child development stages

A six-point plan to respond, recover and reimagine a post-pandemic world for every child. Children, food and nutrition: Growing well in a changing world. Get the latest data, research and analysis on the issues affecting children around the world. Want to change the world?

Physical growth refers to an increase in body size length or height and weight and in the size of organs. From birth to about age 1 or 2 years, children grow rapidly. After this time, growth slows. As growth slows, children need fewer calories and parents may notice a decrease in appetite. Two-year-old children can have very erratic eating habits that sometimes make parents anxious.

When healthy babies are born, some of their internal systems, such as those developed for breathing and processing food, are developed and functional. However, infants require responsive care from loving adults, proper nutrition, and appropriately stimulating environments to support the best possible physical development. Infant and toddler physical development occurs quickly, and it is essential to understand physical development during various stages.

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The infant repeats motor actions which serve to build physical strength and motor coordination. Reflexes. Infants at birth have reflexes as their sole physical ability.

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