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Published: 11.04.2021

Abstract :.

Flexible neural trees based early stage identification for IP traffic

Identifying network traffics at their early stages accurately is very important for network management and security. Recent years, more and more studies have devoted to find effective machine learning models to identify traffics with few packets at the early stage. In this paper, we try to build an effective early stage traffic identification model by applying flexible neural trees FNT. Three network traffic data sets including two open data sets are used for the study. We first extract both packet-level features and statistical features from the first six continuous packets and six noncontinuous packets of each flow. Packet sizes are applied as packet-level features. And for statistical features, average, standard deviation, maximum and minimum are selected.

Flexible neural trees based early stage identification for IP traffic

The transport layer security TLS protocol is widely adopted by apps as well as malware. With the geometric growth of TLS traffic, accurate and efficient detection of malicious TLS flows is becoming an imperative. However, current studies focus on either detection accuracy or detection efficiency, and few studies take into account both indicators. In this paper, we propose a two-layer detection framework composed of a filtering model FM and a malware family classification model MFCM. For identifying malware families, both TLS handshake features and statistical features are applied to construct the MFCM in the second layer. Comprehensive experiments are conducted to substantiate the high accuracy and efficiency of the proposed two-layer framework. A total of

This documentation section is targeted at developers and users who want to understand BPF and XDP in great technical depth. While reading this reference guide may help broaden your understanding of Cilium, it is not a requirement to use Cilium. BPF is a highly flexible and efficient virtual machine-like construct in the Linux kernel allowing to execute bytecode at various hook points in a safe manner. It is used in a number of Linux kernel subsystems, most prominently networking, tracing and security e. Even though the name Berkeley Packet Filter hints at a packet filtering specific purpose, the instruction set is generic and flexible enough these days that there are many use cases for BPF apart from networking. BPF is deeply tied to the Linux kernel and allows for full programmability without sacrificing native kernel performance.

unoconv 0.9.0

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With the development of computer network bandwidth, packet classification algorithms which are able to deal with large-scale rule sets are in urgent need. Among the existing algorithms, researches on packet classification algorithms based on hierarchical trie have become an important packet classification research branch because of their widely practical use. Although hierarchical trie is beneficial to save large storage space, it has several shortcomings such as the existence of backtracking and empty nodes. Firstly, this paper uses the formalization method to deal with the packet classification problem by means of mapping the rules and data packets into a two-dimensional space. Secondly, this paper uses expectation-maximization algorithm to cluster the rules based on their aggregate characteristics, and thereby diversified clusters are formed.

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