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This book outlines on how cooperatives can be used as a tool for development and reconciliation in post-conflict contexts.

History of cooperative society in Nigeria and West Africa

World history of cooperative societies began in the 18th century. This movement was first began in Great Britain. Although the history of this phenomenon in Nigeria is not so long, as in case of Great Britain, it still has some significant events. A cooperative society is a unit of business organization. From the very beginning, such units were organized as groups of farmers and manufacturers.

Over time, the issue of procurement of loan either for business setup or for other financial purposes continue to advances in a rate that is unimaginable, whereas loan and cooperative society starts as a household idea which later expanded even to a cooperative society that is generally recognized and sometimes financed by the government. What cooperative society means, how it starts and details history will be discussed in the next paragraph. A Cooperative is an autonomous and voluntary association of people that come together to pool their resources together for business, economic, social and cultural welfare improvement. It initially started as a rotating work association, in which labour as a scarce commodity was accumulated and allocated to one member at a time; and then, with the spreading of commercial transactions, replaced by money, numerous adaptations and innovations have sprung from the Esusu: one is the transformation into non-rotating savings associations with a permanent loan fund and another one is the daily deposit collection at doorsteps or market stalls. This innovation is called the Ajo among the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria.

Origin And Development Of Co-Operative Societies In Nigeria

Meanwhile, it is a worker co-operative to the extent that it provides welfare benefits which, Cooperatives are of, importance in both developed and less developed economies. Through artificial selection on fish guppies, Poecilia reticulata for increased group polarization, we demonstrate rapid evolution in how individuals use social interaction rules. The Kibbutz Movement of Israel is the largest cooperative grouping in the world. Traditional theory assumes that members of the firm coffee grower, for example work as hard and smart as they can irrespective of the ownership structure of the firm. Co-operative movement in Europe The cooperative movement began in Europe in the 19th century, primarily in Britain and France. Adobe PDF Library

The aim of this paper is to examine the social and economic impact of cooperative societies in Nigeria and to investigate into their origin, history, formation and development. Also to be examined is their impact in our rural communities, especially in the grass root, urban and national development. It has been argued that commercial financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies could play greater roles in the advancement of rural development than the cooperative societies. This is so because of the enormous contribution of these financial houses to the rapid, social and economic development of the people, and urbanization. The paper further reviews the various obstacles and challenges confronting the effective performance of cooperative societies in Nigeria, and proffer ways of forestalling these problems.

evolution of cooperative movement pdf

This project was undertaken to examine the importance of effective marketing of services in the Nigerian financial industries. In the past, marketing was linked to services in industries like banking and rather to manufacturing industry in recent years; however, marketing activities industry in the banking industries have acquired increased importance and attracts more attention. The reason for this phenomenon is easy to appreciate for competition in banks, which market their activities and canvas for patronage through the provision of effective services. In the empirical study of marketing of financial services, an attempt was made to determine the average time spent by customers in the bank for some basic transaction and to identify causes of delay if any.

Impact of cooperative societies in national development and the Nigerian economy

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    Development remains a fundamental challenge confronting Nigeria. Hence Among the strategies for development are cooperative societies. based on examination of cooperative history and policy/legal domains in the.

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