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Analysis means breaking up into components. Synthesis means combining the elements to get something new. Leads from:. Lengthy, laborious and time consuming.

A Comparative Study Of Analytic And Synthetic Method Of Teaching Mathematics (1)

Kant was a student and a teacher of mathematics throughout his career, and his reflections on mathematics and mathematical practice had a profound impact on his philosophical thought. He developed considered philosophical views on the status of mathematical judgment, the nature of mathematical definitions, axioms and proof, and the relation between pure mathematics and the natural world. Kant's philosophy of mathematics is of interest to a variety of scholars for multiple reasons. First, his thoughts on mathematics are a crucial and central component of his critical philosophical system, and so they are illuminating to the historian of philosophy working on any aspect of Kant's corpus. Additionally, issues of contemporary interest and relevance arise from Kant's reflections on the most fundamental and elementary mathematical disciplines, issues that continue to inform important questions in the metaphysics and epistemology of mathematics. Finally, disagreements about how to interpret Kant's philosophy of mathematics have generated a fertile area of current research and debate.

The Analytical Method is a generic process combining the power of the Scientific Method with the use of formal process to solve any type of problem. It has these nine steps:. Use the process to hypothesize analysis or solution elements. Design an experiment s to test the hypothesis. Perform the experiment s. Accept, reject, or modify the hypothesis. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 until the hypothesis is accepted.


Why and when teachers use Analytic and Synthetic Method? To conclude anything about them, one has to understand them separately first. It is the process of unfolding of the problem or of conducting its operation to know its hidden aspects. Start with what is to be found out. Then think of further steps and possibilities which may connect the unknown with the known and find out the desired result.

Notes on Techniques of Mathematics Teaching

Techniques of Mathematics teaching can be effectively used to make the learning meaningful, Interesting and Permanent. Some important techniques of teaching Mathematics are being discussed here. The mental work occupies an important place in mathematics. In this work, the only mental process is employed, so it is also known as Mental work. Mathematics is a subject of practice and exercise.

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    Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching where words are broken up into the smallest units of sound phonemes.

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