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Molecular marker: Molecular marker is identified as genetic marker. Molecular marker is a DNA or gene sequence within a recognized location on a chromosome which is used as identification tool. In the pool of unknown DNA or in a whole chromosome, these molecular markers helps in identification of particular sequence of DNA at particular location.

Molecular Markers and Marker-Assisted Breeding in Plants

A genetic marker is a gene or DNA sequence with a known location on a chromosome that can be used to identify individuals or species. It can be described as a variation which may arise due to mutation or alteration in the genomic loci that can be observed. A genetic marker may be a short DNA sequence, such as a sequence surrounding a single base-pair change single nucleotide polymorphism , SNP , or a long one, like minisatellites. For many years, gene mapping was limited to identifying organisms by traditional phenotype markers. This included genes that encoded easily observable characteristics such as blood types or seed shapes.

Received: January 01, Published: ,. Citation: DOI:. Download PDF. Information of the genetic diversity of the threatened tree species in any region of the world may contribute to the creation of effective strategies for their preservation and future use. Nowadays, molecular markers have proven to be invaluable tools for assessing genetic resources of tree plants by improving understanding of the users with regards to the distribution and the extent of genetic variation within and among species.

Several characteristics of molecular markers make them useful to geneticists. First, because of the way DNA polymorphisms arise and are retained, they are frequent throughout the genome. Second, because they are phenotypically neutral, it is relatively easy to find markers that differ between two individuals. Third, their neutrality also makes it possible to study hundreds of loci without worrying about gene interactions or other influences that make it difficult to infer genotype from phenotype. Lastly, unlike visible traits such as eye color or petal color, the phenotype of a molecular marker can be detected in any tissue or developmental stage, and the same type of assay can be used to score molecular phenotypes at millions of different loci. Thus, the neutrality, high density, high degree of polymorphism, co-dominance, and ease of detection of molecular markers has lead to their wide adoption in many areas of research. It is worth emphasizing again that DNA polymorphisms are a natural part of most genomes.

Molecular marker

A molecular marker is a molecule contained within a sample taken from an organism biological markers or other matter. It can be used to reveal certain characteristics about the respective source. DNA , for example, is a molecular marker containing information about genetic disorders and the evolutionary history of life. Specific regions of the DNA genetic markers are used for diagnosing the autosomal recessive genetic disorder cystic fibrosis , [1] taxonomic affinity phylogenetics and identity DNA barcoding. Further, life forms are known to shed unique chemicals, including DNA , into the environment as evidence of their presence in a particular location. In genetics, a molecular marker identified as genetic marker is a fragment of DNA that is associated with a certain location within the genome.

Keywords: SNP, microsatellite, molecular marker, genome, polymorphism. Introduction. A genetic marker is a gene or DNA.

Genetic marker

Forster, R. Ellis, W. Thomas, A. Newton, R.

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Molecular markers-types and applications

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