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Leverage is common term in financial management which entails the ability to amplify results at a comparatively low cost. In business, company's managers make decisions about leverage that affect profitability. According to James Horne, leverage is, "the employment of an asset or fund for which the firm pays a fixed cost or fixed return". When they evaluate whether they can increase production profitably, they address operating leverage. If they are expecting taking on additional debt, they have entered the field of financial leverage.

Difference Between Operating Leverage and Financial Leverage

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This reading presents elementary topics in leverage. Fixed costs that are operating costs such as depreciation or rent create operating leverage. Fixed costs that are financial costs such as interest expense create financial leverage. Leverage can magnify earnings both up and down. The profits of highly leveraged companies might soar with small upturns in revenue. But the reverse is also true: Small downturns in revenue may lead to losses.

Third, the valuation of a company requires forecasting future cash flows and assessing the risk associated with those cash flows. The reading is organized as follows: Section 2 introduces leverage and defines important terms. Section 3 illustrates and discusses measures of operating leverage and financial leverage, which combine to define a measure of total leverage that gauges the sensitivity of net income to a given percent change in units sold.

This section also covers breakeven points in using leverage and corporate reorganization a possible consequence of using leverage inappropriately. A summary and practice problems conclude this reading. In this reading, we have reviewed the fundamentals of business risk, financial risk, and measures of leverage. Business risk is the risk associated with operating earnings and reflects both sales risk uncertainty with respect to the price and quantity of sales and operating risk the risk related to the use of fixed costs in operations.

Financial risk is the risk associated with how a company finances its operations i. The degree of operating leverage DOL is the ratio of the percentage change in operating income to the percentage change in units sold. We can use the following formula to measure the degree of operating leverage:. The degree of financial leverage DFL is the percentage change in net income for a one percent change in operating income. We can use the following formula to measure the degree of financial leverage:.

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Measures of Leverage

Financial Leverage by Carole E. Carole E. If you do not like the background color, you can change it by highlighting the color you prefer in the scroll box below. Should a business increase or reduce the number of units it is producing? Should it rely more or less heavily on borrowed money? The answer depends upon how a change would affect risk and return.

Learn about the two equity valuation metrics, operating leverage and financial leverage, how they are similar, and the differences between the two.

Operating Leverage vs Financial leverage

Operating leverage is a measure of how revenue growth translates into growth in operating income. It is a measure of leverage , and of how risky, or volatile, a company's operating income is. There are various measures of operating leverage, [1] which can be interpreted analogously to financial leverage. This analogy is partly motivated because for a given amount of debt debt servicing is a fixed cost. This leads to two measures of operating leverage:.

Operating Leverage Versus Financial Leverage: What's the Difference?

In general, leverage means affect of one variable over another. In financial management, leverage is not much different, it means change in one element, results in change in profit. It implies, making use of such asset or source of funds like debentures for which the company has to pay fixed cost or financial charges, to get more return. There are three measures of Leverage i.

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The major differences between financial leverage and operating leverage are as follows −Financial leverageOperating leverageUse of capital.

Operating Leverage vs. There are two kinds of leverage — operating leverage and financial leverage. When we combine the two, we get a third type of leverage — combined leverage. Since both of these operating leverage and financial leverage are quite different in nature, and we look at different metrics to calculate them, we need to discuss it in detail to understand them better. Operating leverage, on the one hand, compares how well a firm uses its fixed costs and financial leverage, on the other hand, looks at various capital structures and chooses the one which reduces taxes most.

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