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Caroline S. Ideally, global action to reduce emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be accompanied by local action. Effective management requires reduction of local stressors, identification of the characteristics of resilient reefs, and design of marine protected area networks that include potentially resilient reefs.

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Coral bleaching

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Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. Research Feed. Monitoring functional groups of herbivorous reef fishes as indicators of coral reef resilience : a practical guide for coral reef managers in the Asia Pacific region. A dynamic understanding of coral reef health informs resilience-based management of the Great Barrier Reef. View 1 excerpt, cites background. View 2 excerpts, cites background. Static measurements of the resilience of Caribbean coral populations. Building resilience into practical conservation: identifying local management responses to global climate change in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Highly Influenced. View 3 excerpts, cites background. Coral reefs in the face of ecological threats of the 21st century. Resilience and climate change: lessons from coral reefs and bleaching in the Western Indian Ocean.

Highly Influential. View 4 excerpts. The economics of worldwide coral reef degradation. View 1 excerpt. Spatial Resilience of Coral Reefs. Taxonomic patterns of bleaching within a South African coral assemblage. Applying forest restoration principles to coral reef rehabilitation. View 4 excerpts, references background. The future of coral reefs in an age of global change.

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Coral Reef Resilience and Resistance to Bleaching

Ocean warming and acidification from increasing levels of atmospheric CO 2 represent major global threats to coral reefs, and are in many regions exacerbated by local-scale disturbances such as overfishing and nutrient enrichment. Our understanding of global threats and local-scale disturbances on reefs is growing, but their relative contribution to reef resilience and vulnerability in the future is unclear. Here, we analyse quantitatively how different combinations of CO 2 and fishing pressure on herbivores will affect the ecological resilience of a simplified benthic reef community, as defined by its capacity to maintain and recover to coral-dominated states. We use a dynamic community model integrated with the growth and mortality responses for branching corals Acropora and fleshy macroalgae Lobophora. We operationalize the resilience framework by parameterizing the response function for coral growth calcification by ocean acidification and warming, coral bleaching and mortality by warming, macroalgal mortality by herbivore grazing and macroalgal growth via nutrient loading. The model was run for changes in sea surface temperature and water chemistry predicted by the rise in atmospheric CO 2 projected from the IPCC's fossil-fuel intensive A1FI scenario during this century.

Grimsditch and Rodney V. Resistance , Free , Resilience , Oracl , Bleaching , Coral reef resilience and resistance to bleaching. Link to this page:. Moringa oleifera: a natural gift -A review. Khawaja Tahir Mahmood. Tahira Mugal. LCWU, Lahore,

PDF | On Jan 1, , Gabriel D. Grimsditch and others published Coral Reef Resilience and Resistance to Bleaching | Find, read and cite all the research you​.

Coral Reef Resilience through Biodiversity

Coral reefs are a globally threatened ecosystem due to a range of anthropogenic impacts. Increasing sea surface temperatures associated with global warming are a particular threat, as corals grow close to their upper thermal limit. When this limit is exceeded for a sufficient length of time during thermal stress events, corals lose their algal symbionts, resulting in coral bleaching and possible mortality.

Resilience Concepts and Their Application to Coral Reefs

The concept of resilience is long established across a wide-range of disciplines, but its evaluation in many ecosystems has been challenging due to the complexities involved in quantifying a somewhat abstract dynamical phenomenon. We develop a framework of resilience-related concepts and describe their methodological approaches. Seven broad approaches were identified under the three principle concepts of 1 ecological resilience ecological resilience, precariousness and current attractor , 2 engineering resilience short-term recovery rate and long-term reef performance , and 3 vulnerability absolute and relative vulnerability respectively. Using specific examples, we assess the strengths and limitations of each approach and their capacity to answer common management questions. The current synthesis provides new directions for resilience assessments to be incorporated into management decisions and has implications on the research agenda for advances in resilience assessments. From its early use in physical sciences and ecology, the concept of resilience is now ubiquitous across natural and social sciences including psychology Luthar et al.

Coral Health and Disease pp Cite as. Most of this destruction occurred in the Indian Ocean, where prolonged elevations of sea surface temperature were maintained by prevailing currents that pooled warm water in the western Indo-Pacific. In most cases, coral reef destruction equated to a dramatic reduction in live coral cover on these reefs e. Moreover, many coral reef ecosystems that suffered extensive bleaching e. Consequently, coral reef recovery has in many places been more rapid than initially expected, particularly in the western Pacific. Although — clearly represents an annus horribilis for many coral reefs worldwide, the destruction it witnessed may not be as irreversible or as cumulative as originally thought.

Coral Bleaching pp Cite as. At the heart of these complex ecosystems is an obligate symbiosis between the coral animal and single-celled photosynthetic algae. This mutually beneficial relationship provides the coral host with sufficient cheap energy to form the massive reef structures that create diverse habitats for many other organisms. Aside from their natural beauty, many millions of people depend on healthy coral reefs for their livelihoods. Human activities, through increased greenhouse gases, are now imposing a compounding threat to maintenance of these charismatic ecosystems -- mass coral bleaching events where the coral--algal symbiosis breaks down due to thermal stress. This book brings together current scientific information on coral bleaching at different space and time scales, from deep geological time to future projections and its consequences for the many associated coral reef organisms.


Globally increasing sea surface temperatures threaten coral reefs, both directly and through interactions with local stressors. More resilient reefs have a higher likelihood of returning to a coral-dominated state following a disturbance, such as a mass bleaching event. We calculated relative resilience scores for sites from an existing commonwealth-wide survey using eight resilience indicators—such as coral diversity, macroalgae percent cover, and herbivorous fish biomass—and assessed which indicators most drove resilience. We found that sites of very different relative resilience were generally highly spatially intermixed, underscoring the importance and necessity of decision making and management at fine scales. In combination with information on levels of two localized stressors fishing pressure and pollution exposure , we used the resilience indicators to assess which of seven potential management actions could be used at each site to maintain or improve resilience. Fishery management was the management action that applied to the most sites. Island-wide or community-level managers can use the actions and vulnerability information as a starting point for resilience-based management of their reefs.

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