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Content from the Brookings Institution India Center is now archived. After seven years of an impactful partnership, as of September 11, , Brookings India is now the Centre for Social and Economic Progress , an independent public policy institution based in India. Despite geographical proximity and the existence of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements FTAs , South Asia is one of the least economically integrated regions in the world.

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India’s limited trade connectivity with South Asia

The Economic and Technology Co-operation Agreement ETCA is a proposed diplomatic arrangement that seeks to add to the existing free trade agreement between the Republic of India and the Republic of Sri Lanka , primarily in relation to trade-in services and the service sector; it seeks to emulate a proto freedom-of-movement system and a single market. The proposal is championed by supporters as a method to introduce low-cost goods for low-income people in Sri Lanka and increase sales of high-end goods to India, while also making Sri Lanka more attractive for FDI. Sri Lanka has opened up its services market to workers in the fields of: computer, telecommunication, tourism, financial, health and maritime transport and auxiliary related services. India has opened up its services to an array of professional services including engineering, urban planning, health etc. The Joint Committee is composed of ministers from both countries and is expected to meet at least once per year. The Standing Committee is composed of senior civil servants and is expected to meet at least bi-annually. It will be responsible for maintaining close relations with trade and industry, whilst also acting as a platform to resolve amendments to the agreement.

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Rules of Origin in India’s RTAs

Perspectives on Rules of Origin pp Cite as. While so doing we have also tried to examine how Indian business community has looked at this issue. In this chapter we also apply some of the new concepts that were presented in Chapter 2, to examine empirically the Indian experience with ROO under different RTAs. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

This paper examines the performance of the Agreement in the first six years of its coming into being and draws lessons from its success that could be relevant in the context of SAFTA and other such initiatives. Section 3 highlights the negative outcomes and problematic areas that have caught the attention of the trade negotiators. Section 5 discusses about lessons from six years of succes. Skip to main content.

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Government of India

During the visit of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister to India in June , a decision was taken to widen the ambit of the Free Trade Agreement to go beyond trade in goods to include services, to facilitate greater investment flows between the two countries and to explore new areas of economic cooperation. The JSG completed its deliberations in October and presented its recommendations to the two Prime Ministers on It concluded that entering into a CEPA would take the two countries to a qualitatively new level of engagement by intensifying and deepening bilateral economic interaction, building on the advantages of close political relations and geographical proximity. The Prime Ministers congratulated the members of the Group on the speed with which they had prepared a comprehensive report with far-reaching recommendations and directed that negotiations begin immediately with the target of concluding them by the end of March

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    These certificates are essential for exporters to prove where their goods come from and therefore stake their claim to whatever benefits goods of Indian origin may be eligible for in the country of exports.

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    Abstract. India-Sri Lanka signed free trade agreement (FTA) in CEPA comprise of four objectives; widening and deepening of the existing FTA, establishing an agreement on trade in services, including measures for promotion of investment in each other's countries and enhancing economic cooperation.

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