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Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Mirrors have been studied by cognitive psychology in order to understand self-recognition, self-identity, and self-consciousness.

Things That Go Bump in the Literature: An Environmental Appraisal of “Haunted Houses”

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Mirrors have been studied by cognitive psychology in order to understand self-recognition, self-identity, and self-consciousness. Moreover, the relevance of mirrors in spirituality, magic and arts may also suggest that mirrors can be symbols of unconscious contents. Carl G. Jung investigated mirrors in relation to the unconscious, particularly in Psychology and Alchemy. However, the relationship between the conscious behavior in front of a mirror and the unconscious meaning of mirrors has not been clarified.

It can include feeling like the world is unreal, memory loss, and odd perceptual experiences, such as seeing the world in black and white. Giovanni Caputo recruited 20 young adults 15 women to form pairs. Each pair sat in chairs opposite each other, one metre apart, in a large, dimly lit room. Specifically, the lighting level was 0. A control group of a further 20 participants also sat in a dimly lit room in pairs, but their chairs faced the wall and they stared at the wall.

Archetypal-imaging and mirror-gazing.

It has been widely shown that dissociative features might play a fundamental role in producing body image distortions in patients affected by eating disorders. Here, we hypothesize that the Mirror Gazing Test MGT , a task consisting in mirror exposure in a condition of sensory deprivation, would elicit dissociative symptoms in a group of patients with anorexia nervosa AN. Dissociative identity compartmentalization of two or more identities and depersonalization detachment of bodily-self were much higher in patients with AN than in HC. These findings were correlated with body dissatisfaction and disruption in interoceptive awareness. Dissociation and body image dysfunction are strongly connected in the pathophysiology of anorexia nervosa. Future research should investigate the same aspects in other psychiatric conditions characterized by body image distortions, such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It can be considered a multidimensional construct, implying both bottom-up visual and proprioceptive information and top—down facets such as memory, mood states, affects, attitudes and beliefs concerning appearance.

Request PDF | Dissociation and hallucinations in dyads engaged through interpersonal gazing | Interpersonal gazing in dyads, when the two.

Weird things start to happen when you stare into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes

Experimentally induced strange-face illusions can be perceived when two individuals look at each other in the eyes under low illumination for about 10 minutes. Dissociative phenomena seem to be involved, whereas the effects of non-pathological dissociation on strange-face illusions have not yet been directly investigated. Results of correlation and factor analyses suggest that strange-face illusions can involve, respectively: i strange-face illusions correlated to derealization; ii strange-face illusions correlated to depersonalization; and iii strange-face illusions of identity, which are supposedly correlated to identity dissociation. The findings support the separati Continue Reading.

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