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His current projects include essays on Beethoven's Fidelio , administrative music research, and Nietzsche's gratitude to Wagner, and a longer study of German music on trial. He is the author of Deep Refrains: Music, Philosophy, and the Ineffable University of Chicago Press, and of over a dozen published articles and essays on music and philosophy.

A Marx revival seems to be under way, predating the current disarray on Wall Street, even though no clear-cut political options yet seem to propose themselves. The big ideological issues—anarchism, the party, economic planning, social classes—are still mainly avoided, on the grounds that they remind too many people of Communist propaganda. Such a reminder is unwanted, not so much because it is accompanied by the memory of deaths and violence memory is fragile in postmodernity as simply and less dramatically because such topics now appear boring.

Totality and the Dialectic in the Critical Theory of Fredric Jameson

Although overlooked by critics, the literary-theoretical specificity of HCC is hiding in plain sight. For the present essay, recognition is to be understood as dramatic or narrative anagnorisis , not as intersubjectivity or Neo-Hegelian acknowledgment. Anagnorisis occurs when Oedipus discovers his true breeding and finds his past to be steeped in incest and parricide. This retrospective self-knowledge is not to be confused with the subsequent scene where Oedipus, having gouged out his eyes and re-emerged a transformed figure, foists on the Chorus a demand for acknowledgment of his outrageous sufferings. Another familiar shorthand for recognition, the master-slave dialectic in Hegel, also will not do here. In the Poetics , Aristotle defines anagnorisis as the discovery of identity, arising from ignorance, immanent in events themselves, and coincident with a reversal of the situation. These four features will also hold for the consciousness of the proletariat.

This is a time in which, at least in part owing to what is called post-modernism, there seems to be renewed interest in finding out what modernism really was, and in rethinking that now historical phenomenon in new ways, which are not those we have inherited from the participants and the players, the advocates and the practitioners themselves. But this has also been a time, over perhaps an even longer span of years, in which the matter of what imperialism still is and how it functions has been a subject of intense debate and discussion among the theorists, and not only the economists, the historians and the political scientists. A range of very complex theories and models indeed — probably more incomprehensible than most forms of contemporary literary theory — have come into being which any serious discussion of this issue has to acknowledge. Any discussion of the relationship of modernism and imperialism will therefore generally require, not one, but two lengthy preambles, before it reaches its topic. The hypothesis to be explored here is both more formalistic and more sweeping than the affirmation that imperialism as such produced its specific literature and left palpable traces on the content of other metropolitan literary works of the period. This last has of course multiple social determinants: any general theory of the modern — assuming one to be possible in the first place — would also wish to register the informing presence of a range of other, historically novel phenomena: modernization and technology; commodity reification; monetary abstraction and its effects on the sign system; the social dialectic of reading publics; the emergence of mass culture; the embodiment of new forms of the psychic subject on the physical sensorium.

Modernism and Imperialism by Fredric Jameson

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György Lukács

Critical Theory and Political Engagement pp Cite as. Up to now we have been tracing the development of critical theory primarily in relationship to the European context, post , focusing on the fate of continental Marxism and its interaction with poststructuralist and post-humanist currents of thought. We have noted that one of the key preoccupations of French theoreticians in particular was the perceived need to evade the political pitfalls posed by both an authoritarian capitalist state apparatus and those forces on the left which had traditionally opposed this French version of the bourgeois political formation through an over-centralized Stalinist Communist Party. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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He was one of the founders of Western Marxism , an interpretive tradition that departed from the Marxist ideological orthodoxy of the Soviet Union. He developed the theory of reification , and contributed to Marxist theory with developments of Karl Marx's theory of class consciousness.

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