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This RTA theory test app contains more than questions and answers.

RTA Theory Test in Urdu – Questions and Answers

However, preparing for the test can be nuisance if your background education has fallen behind in English. In order to prepare for the test download this app. This can be of great assistance in making you understand what you will be up against. The RTA Theory Test is an integral part of the process leading to a person attaining a driving license. Without diligent preparation of rules in official handbooks, it is not possible to pass the test.

Step-by-step guide to getting a driving licence in UAE

RTA theory test essential guide. Posted by smashplus on February 11, Your driving license journey take off with passing RTA theory test. Yes, it is an important step. RTA theory test is also known in different names as Signal test, Drivers knowledge test etc. Once you pass the test, RTA will issue the learning permit.

CHOOSE YOUR FREE RTA DUBAI PRACTICE TEST BELOW: the best and the most real-like RTA Dubai theory test exam, is the answer. The best part is you can download the test questions as a PDF and have it as an​.

RTA Theory or Signal Test Dubai | Complete Questions

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This RTA theory test app contains more than questions and answers. All these questions are extracted from Dubai UAE light motor vehicle manual book. These questions are divided into four sections so you can practice with ease.

Previously this test was a simple viva like test but for last three years, the authorities in Dubai decided to take this test on computer therefore it is very important for the applicant to know the basic theory of driving which ensures road safety. Now I want to come towards the structure of this test. This test is basically multiple choice questions for which three to four choices are given and you will choose the most appropriate or correct answers among them. We can say this test an Easy, difficult as well as a confusing test because you may confuse yourself in selecting the answer. All possible answers are given in such a way that all seem to be the correct.

Pass your RTA theory test the first time with our free practice tests for Light vehicles, motorcycle, truck and bus. English, Arabic and Urdu.

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My friends got a huge cake and celebrations went on for months. My parents were proud - I doubt they were as proud when I got my first job. For my 7th driving test attempt, yes, I know you're laughing, and if you got your licence in the first attempt, you can talk to my disinterested hand , my friends had advised me to dress up like a CEO - no sports shoes or denims. The night before the exam, random memories captivated my mind, in no particular order:. Me, taking gruelling driving lessons for ONE. Needless to say I spent an amount with which I could have easily bought a second-hand car. Me, thinking I am incompetent and an embarrassment to repeatedly fail the tests when my friends cleared in the first attempt like it was a piece of cake.

QIt is unacceptable to reverse: Mark one answer: For a longer period of time than you need to For longer than the length of one car In an area with many buildings, as well as stationary and moving vehicles Into side roads. QYou are towing a trailer on the motorway. What is the maximum speed you can go at? Mark one answer: 40 mph 30 mph 70 mph 60 mph. QFollowing on from the purchase of a new car, when will the first MOT certificate need to be acquired? Mark one answer: Four years A year Two years Three years.

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