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Work, Energy and Power class 11 Notes Physics

Work done by the force is equal to the product of the force and the displacement of the object in the direction of force. Work done by a force is zero, if a body is not displaced actually, i. Work done by a force is negative if angle between F and s is obtuse angle. Work done by a constant force depends only on the initial and final Positions and not on the actual path followed between initial and final positions. Gravitational force, electrostatic force, magnetic force, etc are conservative forces. All the central forces are conservative forces.

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These notes are made out of the past 10 years question papers and study material which help the students cover each and every concept given in the chapter. Work, Energy and Power Class 11 Notes would provide you with clear understanding and retention of the course content which would help you score more marks. The work done by the force is defined to be the product of component of the force in the direction of the displacement and the magnitude of this displacement. The variable force is more commonly encountered than the constant force. The kinetic energy of an object is a measure of the work an object can do by the virtue of its motion.

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Notes for Work, Energy and Power chapter of class 11 physics. If there is no change in the position of the body, work is not done. Our special definition of the word work does not correspond to the colloquial usage of the term. Thus, we may exert a large force on a wall, but if the wall remains where it is, then we have not done any work. We may be doing hard work in physiological sense, but from the point of view of physics, we are not doing any work. If a coolie holding a heavy box on his head is standing at a fixed location, he is not doing any work.

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Chapter Notes: Work, Energy and Power Physics Class 11

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    Power = Rate of doing work = Work done / Time taken. If under a constant force F a body is displaced through a distance s in time t, the power p = W / t = F * s / t.

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