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Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Nifedipine

Show all documents For first 2 h tablet was placed in 1. At specified intervals 5 ml samples were withdrawn from the dissolution medium and replaced with fresh medium to keep the volume constant. The absorbance of the sample solution was analyzed at nm for the presence of model drug, using a UV-visible spectrophotometer.

Results are shown in Table 4. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent used for a variety of painful and inflammatory conditions. It has a short biological half life hours and is administered in a dose of mg times a day. Therefore this drug is an ideal candidate for develop in lease dosage form which could result in prolonged clinical efficacy reduced frequency of administration and less side effects.

The simplest and least expensive way to control the release of drug is to disperse it within an inert polymer matrix. Because of their simplicity and cost effectiveness hydrophilic gel matrix tablets are widely used for sustained release dosage forms. These materials form a gel like structure around the tablet core which sustains the release process Hydrophilic polymers are most widely used for preparation of matrix tablets.

But use of Hydrophilic polymers alone for controlling the release of water soluble drug is probably restricted due to rapid diffusion of water soluble drug. Hydrophobic waxes have been extensively investigated for sustained release of drug. This provides good stability at varying pH and effective retarding of water soluble drug.

In forming a wax matrix system different processing methods like dry blending, wet granulation , melt granulation and extrusion, are used. In the present study water soluble drug is first incorporated in waxy material and sugar by melt granulation technique and this granules were shifted and compressed in to tablets. In this study cetyl alcohol is taken as hydrophobic Polymer and Pharmagrade sugar is taken as a Pore forming agent which will help in drug release from matrix system 1,10, Formulation and evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride extented release tablet by melt granulation technique The results of dissolution study are shown in table no.

This has revealed that higher the concentration of lipophilic polymer more is the retardation of drug release. For the formulations F2, F4, F5 and the Marketed preparation the best fitting linear parameter was that of the Higuchi Matrix model. This indicates that the drug release is controlled by diffusion of the drug through the pores. It is shown in table no. Krosemeyer-Peppas model indicates that release mechanism is not well known or more than one type of release phenomena could be involved.

A review: on bilayer floating tablet as multifunctional approch of gastro retaintive drug delivery system To make an overview on multifunctional activities of Gastro Retaintive Drug delivery System. GRDDS This review deals with study upon recent literatures on needs, advantages and disadvantages , ,suitable and unsuitable drugs, pharmacokinetic aspect, mechanism, approaches, list of polymers and other ingredients used, in vitro and in vivo evaluation , literature survey, marketed products, patented formulations, applications, limitations, and future aspect of Floating Drug Delivery System.

Incorporation of drugs in bilayer floating tablet remain in gastric region for several hours would significantly prolong the gastric residence time of drug and improve the bioavailability and reduce the drug waste and enhance the solubility of drugs that are less soluable in high environment.

Bilayer tablet is a new era for the successful development of controlled release formulation along with various features to provide a way of successful drug delivery system.

It also may be extensively used to improve therapy with several important drugs. Drug content: To determine tablet assay drugs content twenty tablets were powdered and accurately weighed quantity of powder containing drug equivalent to 50 mg was transferred to ml volumetric flask and dissolved with appropriate amount of solvent with the aid of sonicator. After which the solution was filtered through whattman filter paper 90 mm diameter. The total amount of the drugs within the tablets was analyzed after appropriate dilution of test solution by using UV spectrophotometer labindia UV double beam Spectrophotometer against the reference solution with suitable dilution at nm.

Black gram Vigna mungo seed polysaccharide BSP was isolated and the yield was found to be The microbiological studies confirmed that BSP does not support microbial growth. Sustained release tablets of Tramadol Hydrochloride TH were prepared using the isolated.

The major advantage of sustained release formulation development is that they can often be taken less frequently than instant release formulations of the same drug.

This system provides a steady state concentration of the drug in blood plasma. The release profile of the prepared tablets was compared with different ratios of the natural polysaccharide. The drug content of all the formulations ranged from Formulation F6 showed release up to 14 h which was selected as the best formulation.

The results indicated that as the concentration of polymer was increased the release rate of the drug from the matrix system was delayed. The release data when fitted into various kinetic equations revealed that the drug release was by matrix and zero order release kinetics model with R2 values above 0. Stability studies of formulation F6 was carried out and was found to be stable with no change in physical appearance and minimal decrease in drug content.

Thus, a stable, safe natural release retardant could be isolated from black gram seed polysaccharide, which can be effectively used in tablet formulation.

Formulation and Evaluation of Glucosamine Hydrochloride Sustained Releasematrix Tablet Oral drug delivery known for decades is the most widely utilized routes for administration among all routes that have been explored for systemic delivery of drug via various pharmaceutical products of different dosage forms.

Popularity of the route may be ease of administration as well as traditional belief that by oral administration the drug is well absorbed like food stuff ingested daily. Sustained release SR or Controlled release CR pharmaceutical products have over the past decade gradually gained medical acceptance and popularity since, their introduction into the market has received regulatory approval for marketing and their pharmaceutical superiority and clinical benefits over immediate release pharmaceutical products have been increasingly recognized.

Sustained release oral dosage forms have brought new lease of life into drugs that have lost market potential due to requirement of frequent dosing, dose related toxic effects and gastro intestinal disturbance. Different batches of drug Acebrophylline tablets were manufactured by wet granulation technique, and evaluated for Pharmacopoeial and non-Pharmacopoeial specifications.

Dissolution testing was undertaken using USP Apparatus 2 Paddle Type , which allowed for a more realistic assessment and prediction of in vitro drug release rates. Samples were analysed using a high performance liquid chromatographic method HPLC. Formulation F5 shows optimum drug release. Drug and rate retarding polymers ratio used in this formulation were Methocel K LV This indicates that F1,F2 and F3 shows purely diffusion and F4, F5 and F6 shows coupling of diffusion and erosion mechanism so called anomalous diffusion.

These sifted ingredients were mixed well. Then separately sodium bicarbonate and Starch sifted through sieve no. Magnesium stearate,and talc sifted through the sieve no. The drug blend was mix with sifted sodium bicarbonate and subsequently mixed with Magnesium stearate and talc along with quantity sufficient of Lactose , and finally the granules are dried at room temperature.

Layer containing Metformin hydrochloride 1 g exhibits sustained release , were prepared by wet granulation method using hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose K15 M and K4 M as matrix forming polymers and Poly-vinyl-pyrrolidone K as binder along with isopropyl-alcohol as binding liquid. Immediate release layer containing Glimepiride were prepared by wet granulation method using poly-vinyl-pyrrolidone as binder with water.

Crosscarmellose sodium used as intra granular as well as extragranular superdisintegrant in immediate release layer. Colour erythrosine lake was used to differentiate layers and to enhance elegance of the tablets.

The results showed that hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose K15M in sustained layer can control the release of drug. The in vitro release profile of drug from sustained release layer diffusion was the dominant mechanism of drug release.

An appropriately designed sustained - release drug delivery system can be a major advance towards solving problems concerning the targeting of a drug to a specific organ or tissue and controlling the rate of drug delivery to the target tissue. Matrix tablets are an interesting option when developing an oral controlled release formulation. The use of polymers in controlling the release of drugs has become important in the formulation of pharmaceuticals.

Embedding of drug within an insoluble matrix is convenient way of controlling the drug release. Method of preparation has influenced the particle size and drug loading efficiency. The carrier ethyl cellulose and Eudragit RL are easily available and compatible. Drug-polymer compatibility was confirmed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and DSC and X-ray diffraction studies revealed that the drug was dispersed inside the microspheres in the form of an insoluble matrix.

The formation of microspheres was affected by glass transition temperature of the polymer, surfactant, type of plasticizers, volume of internal phase, stirrer speed etc. IR of Eudragit RL indicated high thermal stability of the polymer. Percentage loading increases with the increase in concentration of ethyl cellulose F5.

The resulting microspheres have smooth surface and good physical stability. In vitro studies showed formulation F5 well suited to be sustained release product. From the data obtained it is concluded that drug loaded microspheres appears to be a suitable delivery system for Ambroxol, which may reduce number of doses of drug and frequency of administration.

Nantharat Pearnchob et al. The film forming ability of ethyl cellulose powder and the effect of formulation factors plasticizer type and concentration and curing conditions curing temperature and time were investigated. The coating formulation was divided into two components consisting of a powder mixture polymer plus talc and a mixture of liquid materials plasticizer plus binder solution , Propranolol hydrochloride was used as a model drug, Despite the high glass transition temperature of ethyl cellulose Formulation and Evaluation of Ondansetron Hydrochloride Sustained Release Tablets The lower limit on solubility of such product has been reported to be 0.

If the drug is in a solid form, only a small fraction of it will be in solution for possible degradation. Hence, it would appear possible to improve the apparent bioavailability of a drug which is unstable in the stomach by placing it in a slowly soluble or slowly available form.

Since most controlled drug systems are designed to release their contents over much of the length of the gastro intestional tract, drugs which are unstable in the environment of intestine would be unusable to be formulated into such delivery systems.

In addition to chemical degradation, metabolizing enzymes at the site of administration or along the pathway to the target area may also playa a significant role in drug availability. Formulation and invitro evaluation of sustained release tablet of isosorbide mononitrate by porous osmotic technology The present work have been made to formulate sustained release tablet of Isosorbide Mononitrate based on porous membrane osmotic technology by using Sodium chloride as osmogent and different formulation variables.

Isosorbide Mononitrate which is preferably used as anti anginal drug for the treatment of stable and unstable angina pectoris , acute myocardial infarction and heart failure. In the present study, an attempt was made to formulate 20mg sustained release tablet which can provide effective drug release for 24hrs. Sustained release tablets of Isosorbide Mononitrate were prepared by wet granulation technique. In vitro studies showed formulation F5 was well suited to be sustained release formulation.

The coating solutions were prepared by using various polymers and pore formers, meets all the ideal characteristics to formulate in the form of sustained release drug delivery system. Under pre formulation study, the organoleptic properties were complied with the BP specification. Physical properties such as bulk density and tapped density were more in case of granules ready for compression than that of Isosorbide-5 Mononitrate raw powder.

The compatibility evaluation was performed by FT-IR spectroscopy analysis. The study implies that the drug and polymers were compatible with each other.

There were no interactions found between the drug and the polymers. F5 formulation was optimized as it complied with all the pharmacopoeial specifications. The physical parameters like thickness, diameter, hardness, friability, weight variations were carried out. The assay was carried out for optimized formulation and the result was found to be The drug release from the developed formulations was independent of pH and agitational intensity of the release media.

Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Show all documents For first 2 h tablet was placed in 1. At specified intervals 5 ml samples were withdrawn from the dissolution medium and replaced with fresh medium to keep the volume constant. The absorbance of the sample solution was analyzed at nm for the presence of model drug, using a UV-visible spectrophotometer. Results are shown in Table 4. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent used for a variety of painful and inflammatory conditions.


WO1990006107A1 - Sustained release diltiazem formulation - Google Patents

Modified-release dosage is a mechanism that in contrast to immediate-release dosage delivers a drug with a delay after its administration delayed-release dosage or for a prolonged period of time extended-release [ER, XR, XL] dosage or to a specific target in the body targeted-release dosage. Sustained-release dosage forms are dosage forms designed to release liberate a drug at a predetermined rate in order to maintain a constant drug concentration for a specific period of time with minimum side effects. This can be achieved through a variety of formulations, including liposomes and drug-polymer conjugates an example being hydrogels. Sustained release's definition is more akin to a "controlled release" rather than "sustained". Extended-release dosage consists of either sustained-release SR or controlled-release CR dosage.

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Recent developments in fast disintegrating tablets have brought convenience in dosing to pediatric and elderly patients who have trouble in swallowing tablets. The objective of the present study was to prepare the fast disintegrating tablet of Cetirizine Hydrochloride for allergic and respiratory disorders. Hence, the present investigation was undertaken with a view to develop a fast disintegrating tablet of Cetirizine Hydrochloride which offers a new range of products having desired characteristics and intended benefits. Superdisintegrants such as Sodium Starch Glycolate were optimized.

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Modified-release dosage

Pellets containing diltiazem were prepared by spraying a slurry of micronized diltiazem hydrochloride, pharmaceutical glaze and alcohol onto an appropriate mesh fraction of nonpareil seeds using the Wurster column. An open, randomized Latin square, three-way crossover clinical study was used to evaluate the in vivo performance of the coated product. Altering the mesh fraction of the starting nonpareil seeds for this layering process was found to affect the release characteristics of drug from the pellets. An oven-drying step was required to stabilize the diltiazem basic pellets. The thicker the drug loading layer the longer the oven drying is needed to stabilize the pellets. The diltiazem sustained release pellets produced by these methods displayed sustained release dissolution profiles both in vitro and in vivo.

Conventional drug delivery system for treating the angina and hypertension are not much effective as the drug do not reach the site of action in appropriate amounts. Thus potent and guarded therapy of this angina and hypertension disorder using specific drug delivery system is a challenging task to the pharmaceutical professionals. Most oftenly used method of regulating the drug release is to include it in a matrix system because of their pliability, hydrophilic polymer matrices are widely used in oral controlled drug delivery to obtain a desirable drug release pattern, methodical, and broad regulatory compliance. Formulation of Nifedipine sustained release matrix tablet was prepared by the polymers blend with to get desirable drug release profile.

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Tripathi , Amit Alexander , Ajazuddin. Email s : ajazuddin rungta. DOI: The ability to inhibit the influx of calcium ion present in of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle during membrane depolarization is believed to be its therapeutic effect. It is widely used in the treatment of several types of cardiovascular disorders. For achieving better drug product effectiveness, reliability and safety in the modern pharmaceutical design and intensive research, controlled release and extended release drug delivery has become standards. The largest share of drug delivery systems i.

The aim of the present study was to develop controlled-release pellets of diltiazem HCl with ethyl cellulose and hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose phthalate as the release rate retarding polymers by fluid bed coating technique. Stability studies were carried out on the optimized formulations for a period of 3 months. The drug release rate decreased as the concentration of ethyl cellulose increased in the pellet formulations. SEM photographs confirmed that the prepared formulations were spherical in nature with a smooth surface. The compatibility between drug and polymers in the drug-loaded pellets was confirmed by DSC studies. Stability studies indicated that the pellets were stable.

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