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Published: 12.04.2021

Please be vigilant in protecting yourself against phishing. Keeping your personal information secure is a top priority of MetLife.

You can submit your pet insurance claim online or by post or email - whichever is more convenient for you. Submitting your claim online will ensure you get the fastest response. The information provided is general information only and is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice. Medibank Private does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information, representations or advice contained.

Making a claim

To give you the best online experience, we've added a bunch of new features to our website. Unfortunately, because you're viewing it on an old browser, Internet Explorer , you can't make the most of them. Our team will guide you through the claims process, beginning with giving you clear information on your policy and sending out any required forms for your claim. If you need to make a claim once you are at home, please call us on 99 77 You may also download a claim form here for Comprehensive travel insurance or Medical Only travel insurance.

We have five Roadside Assistance options allowing you to choose the one that best meets your needs. First time? Register for RACQ. Register for Internet Banking. Find out what information you need to lodge your claim here. With your choice of clinic and our straightforward claims process, we make covering your vet bills easier. Make your pet insurance claim online or over the phone.

Make a Pet Insurance claim

For more information please call RSA on In order for us to protect our staff it has become necessary to close our sales and servicing phone lines. We are working tirelessly to make sure we are still there for our valued customers, however we ask that you only call us should you need to renew your policy in the next 5 days or to call RSA if you need to make a claim. Want to renew, change or cancel your policy or need to make a claim? Here's how to get in touch.

Contact the claims department on or email claims greenstone. We will ask you to send us your completed claim form with supporting documents either by post, fax or email. When the claim form and other documents are received we assess the claim — in order to assess your claim we will need all the information requested. We will advise you of our claim decision — after we have assessed the claim we will notify you of the claim decision. Paying the claim — if accepted we will then make the payment as per the wishes of the Policyowner.

Pet Insurance Claims

In order to ensure timely claims processing and the issuance of reimbursements, we strongly recommend that you submit your claim, including invoices and medical records, using our new customer portal at portal. This will minimize delays and ensure the fastest possible reimbursement. Please contact our customer care unit to set-up Direct Deposit Claims reimbursement. If you wish to receive your claims reimbursements through the mail via cheque, please understand that there may be unforeseeable delays.

At Petplan we do all we can to process your pet insurance claims quickly and fairly. To make a claim, simply download and fill in all the sections with the relevant information. Ensure that all relevant itemised invoiced are included and if it is your first claim with Petplan, ask your vet to supply a full veterinary history and attach it to your claim. Please note, that for ease of submission you can simply take a photo with your mobile or scan your supporting documents such as the veterinary invoices.

By using our website you consent to accepting cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Find out more. Do you need to make a new claim? Do you have questions?

How do I make a claim?

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