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Whether you are beginning to invest in securities issued by corporations—such as common stocks , preferred stocks , or corporate bonds —or you are considering investing in your own business, you may encounter something known as a holding company. Many of the most successful companies in the world are holding companies. Learn about the overall structure, purpose, and benefits of holding companies, along with examples of how they work.

The Relationship Between a Holding & Subsidiary Company

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Puneet Puneet. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Many organization are growing into large corporations by the process of acquisition, mergers, gaining control by one company over the other company, restructuring etc.

Acquisition and mergers ultimately leads to either cost reduction or controlling the market or sharing the material supplies or product diversification or availing tax benefits or synergy. Whatever the motto behind these ventures is, the ultimate result is the large scale corporation. Formation of holding company is the most popular device for achieving these objectives. Group of companies: Many a times, company expands by keeping intact their separate corporate identity.

In this situation, a company holding company gains control over the other company subsidiary company. This significant control is exercised by one company over the other by- 1. Purchasing specified number of shares or 2. Exercising control over the board of directors or on voting power of that company.

Unit of companies connected in these ways is collectively called a Group of Companies. It may be defined as one, which has one or more subsidiary companies and enjoys control over them. Legally a holding company and its subsidiaries are distinct and separate entities. However, in substance holding and subsidiary companies work as a group. Accordingly, users of holding company accounts need financial information of subsidiaries to understand the performance and financial position of the holding company.

According to this section, no company shall, either by itself or through its nominees, hold any shares in its holding company and no holding company shall allot or transfer its shares to any of its subsidiary companies and any such allotment or transfer of shares of a company to its subsidiary company shall be void: Provided that nothing in this section shall apply to a case— a where the subsidiary company holds such shares as the legal representative of a deceased member of the holding co.

In such a case, the subsidiary shall not have any voting rights in respect of the shares held. In a partly owned subsidiary, all the shares of subsidiary company are not acquired by the holding company i. In a wholly owned subsidiary, there is no minority interest because all the shares with voting rights are held by the holding company.

Parent company needs to inform the users about the financial position and results of operations of not only of their enterprise itself but also of the group as a whole. Consolidated Financial Statements are intended to show the financial position of the group as a whole - by showing the economic resources controlled by them, by presenting the obligations of the group and the results the group achieves with its resources.

Accounting Standard AS 21 also lays down principles and procedures for preparation and presentation of consolidated financial statements. The main advantages of consolidation are given below: i Single Source Document: From the consolidated financial statements, the users of accounts can get an overall picture of the holding company and its subsidiaries.

Consolidated Profit and Loss Account gives the overall profitability of the group ii Intrinsic value of share: Intrinsic share value of the holding company can be calculated directly from the Consolidated Balance Sheet. So its return on investments in subsidiaries should not be measured in terms of dividend alone.

Consolidated Financial Statements provide information for identifying revenue profit for determining return on investment. Those who want to invest in the shares of the holding company or acquire it, need such consolidated statement for evaluation. The consolidated financial statements are presented to the extent possible in the same format as that adopted by the parent for its separate financial statements.

The objective is that the consolidated financial statements should present the information contained in the consolidated financial statements of a parent and its subsidiaries as if they were the financial statements of a single economic entity. In order that the consolidated financial statements present financial information about the group as that of a single enterprise, the following steps are then taken: 1. However, if the financial statements of a subsidiary as on the date of investment are not available and if it is impracticable to draw the financial statements of the subsidiary as on that date, financial statements of the subsidiary for the immediately preceding period are used as a basis for consolidation.

It may be mentioned that positive or negative differential is separately recognised only in purchase method.

This differential calculated as cost of control is shown in the consolidated balance sheet. For example, 1. H Ltd. On that date, paid up capital of S Ltd. Assets of S Ltd. The book value of shares of S Ltd. This differential is also called goodwill and is shown in the balance sheet under the head intangibles.

Let us take another example: 2. A Ltd. On that date, B Ltd. On that date, assets and liabilities of B Ltd. In this case, the book value of Shares of B Ltd. Illustration 1 Exe Ltd. The following information is available from the balance sheet of Zed Ltd. Exe Ltd. Solution Revalued net assets of Zed Ltd. The balance of shares of VR Ltd. A memorandum of understanding has been entered into with the foreign company providing for the following: a The shares held by the foreign company will be sold to Variety Ltd.

The tax payable will be deducted from the proceeds and Variety Ltd. The above agreement was approved by all concerned for being given effect to on 1. The total assets of VR Ltd. Current liabilities of VR Ltd.

The paid-up share capital of VR Ltd. In short, minority interest represents the claims of the outside shareholders of a subsidiary. Minority interests in the net income of consolidated subsidiaries for the reporting period are identified and adjusted against the income of the group in order to arrive at the net income attributable to the shareholders of the holding company. Minority interest in the income of the group should be separately presented.

The losses applicable to the minority in a consolidated subsidiary may exceed the minority interest in the equity of the subsidiary. The excess, and any further losses applicable to the minority, are adjusted against the majority interest except to the extent that the minority has a binding obligation to, and is able to make good the losses.

As per para. Minority interest in the net assets consist of: i the amount of equity attributable to minorities at the date on which investment in a subsidiary is made; and ii the minorities share of movements in equity since the date the parent-subsidiary relationship came in existence. Profits or losses earned or incurred by subsidiary company upto the date of acquisition of the shares by the holding company are pre acquisition or capital profits or loss.

Similarly, all reserves of subsidiary company upto the date of acquisition are capital reserves from the view point of holding company. If the holding interest in subsidiary is acquired during the middle or some other period of the current year, pre-acquisition profit should be calculated accordingly.

In addition profit or loss on revaluation of fixed assets of subsidiary should also be treated as capital profit or loss. But if the fall in the value of the asset occurs after the date of acquisition, the loss should be treated as revenue loss. Adjustment for depreciation would be made in the profit and loss account of the subsidiary. As a result, profits which may be of revenue nature for the subsidiary company may be capital profits so far as the holding company is concerned.

If the controlling interest was acquired during the course of a year, profit for that year must be apportioned into the pre-acquisition and post-acquisition portions, on the basis of time in the absence of information on the point. Illustration 3 H Ltd. The capital of S Ltd. Record the entry in the books of H Ltd. Solution The profits of S Ltd. There are four possibilities: 1 Earlier profits, included in the profit brought forward from the previous year have been used up first.

The share of H Ltd. The dividend out of profits subsequent to August 1st will be revenue income and that out of earlier profits capital receipt. For instance, if shares in X Ltd. Illustration 4 a From the following data, determine in each case: 1 Minority interest at the date of acquisition and at the date of consolidation.

On The issued capital of ABC Ltd. Show by an entry how the dividend should be recorded in the books of XYZ Ltd. XYZ Ltd. The holding Co. It sold 50 shares on 1st January, and purchased shares on lst January, The Investment Account was debited with the cost of shares purchased and credited with the sale proceeds. Such excess and any further losses should be charged against majority interest. Illustration 5 A Ltd. Both the companies follow calendar year as the accounting year.

In the four consecutive years B Ltd. Thereafter in , B Ltd.

5 Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies

A subsidiary company is a company that is controlled and at least majority owned by another company. The company that controls the subsidiary is called a parent company or sometimes a holding company. A subsidiary can be structured as one of several different types of corporate entity and is registered with the state where it resides as a subsidiary of the company that controls it. A subsidiary company is a company that is completely or partially owned by another company, which may be a parent company that also has business operations or a holding company whose sole purpose is to own its subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are common in some industries, particularly real estate. A company that owns real estate and has several properties with apartments for rent may form an overall holding company, with each property as a subsidiary.

5 Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies

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The Reserve and Profit and Loss Account balances of the Subsidiary Company do not figure in the consolidated Balance Sheet as they are considered together with share capital in the calculation of Capital Reserve. From the balance sheets and information given below, prepare a Consolidated Balance Sheet:. The following are the Balance Sheets of H Ltd.


A subsidiary , subsidiary company or daughter company [1] [2] [3] is a company owned or controlled by another company, which is called the parent company , parent, or holding company. In some cases, it is a government or state-owned enterprise. Subsidiaries are a common feature of business life [ clarification needed ] and most multinational corporations organize their operations in this way. These, and others, organize their businesses into national and functional subsidiaries, often with multiple levels of subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are separate, distinct legal entities for the purposes of taxation , regulation and liability. For this reason, they differ from divisions , which are businesses fully integrated within the main company, and not legally or otherwise distinct from it. However, creditors of an insolvent subsidiary may be able to obtain a judgment against the parent if they can pierce the corporate veil and prove that the parent and subsidiary are mere alter egos of one another, therefore any copyrights, trademarks, and patents remain with the subsidiary until the parent shuts down the subsidiary.

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UNIT – V Accounting of banking companies; Accounts of insurance companies Share of holding company in share capital subsidiary company. -. + Share in.

Holding Companies: Problems and Solutions | Accounting


Effective date of the Section 2 46 — 12 th September, The above Explanation was added by the Companies Amendment Act, w. Section 2 87 — Definition of Subsidiary Company or subsidiary:. Except the Proviso and Explanation d Section 2 87 was made effective from 12 th September, Interpretational note on the above definitions of Holding and Subsidiary:. Generally most of the definitions were effective on the original effective date.

Most companies exist to make and sell goods or provide services. A holding company, aka a parent company, exists to invest in other businesses. It doesn't make products or offer services, but it invests in subsidiaries that do these things. The parent company and subsidiary relationship is that the parent owns 51 percent or more of the subsidiary, giving the parent company control. Usually, the subsidiary retains its own management, so it has more independence than a branch of the holding company would have. A holding company, the Corporate Finance Institute says, exists not to manufacture goods, sell goods or provide services.

Breaking News. State whether the following statements are true or false:. Every holding company is required to present a consolidated balance sheet under the companies act, Minority interest shown in the consolidated balance sheet is the equity held by the outsiders in the subsidiary company. Cost of control is the excess price paid for investment over and above proportionate share of net assets acquired by the holding company. There is no need to show intercompany dividends in the consolidated profit and loss account.

Effective date of the Section 2 46 — 12 th September, The above Explanation was added by the Companies Amendment Act, w. Section 2 87 — Definition of Subsidiary Company or subsidiary:. Except the Proviso and Explanation d Section 2 87 was made effective from 12 th September, Interpretational note on the above definitions of Holding and Subsidiary:.

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